@nspabeauty rituals review ♡

I've never heard of nspa beauty before, but they contacted me via twitter asking to send me some products and I agreed! I tried this out for the first time today and my first impression of it was amazing. The best part about this is that they don't test on animals and are paraben free! To see their website click  here.

The first step in this system is the melting cleansing gel. This was my favorite product because it feels really really nice! What you do is put on a dry face and rub it all over your face in tiny circles and then wet your fingers and rub your face again in circles and then the gel turns into a cleansing milk and it feels really really clean when you wash it all off! I could live off of this product. My first impression was that it left my face feeling bright, soft, and supple. I love it.

The second step in this system is the hot cloth polish. i've never used something like this before, although once I got a facial at a spa, and they did something similar. So this product made me feel special ^__^ I don't have the special cloth that you're supposed to use with it, so I just used a normal cloth. The texture of this product is lotion like. You rub it all over your skin and then put the cloth under hot water, wring it out, and then wipe the product off your face! Once I did all of this there was an instant cooling effect and my face felt like it could breathe! I really adore this. 

The third step in this system is this Illuminating beauty serum. You put this on without washing it off so you can wear this under your makeup (like I did today) this made my face glow! It made my skin look really soft and kinda like it covered my pores, it was pretty neat! 

The last step in this system is this Brightening day cream with SPF 15. This is another step you don't wash off and this is really great to wear under makeup because it has SPF. I really appreciate that! It didn't smell like sunscreen at all which is another plus. It was a lotion feeling cream and melted right into my skin. 

I really enjoyed the spa like feeling these products gave me. I thought it would be a hassle using them because when I think of a four step system I think of something thats going to take me a long time but in reality it only took me less than five minutes to do all of this! 

  Check out nspa!  

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  1. I just wanted to thank you April for doing a review about this product. I really appreciate how you take the time out of your day to make blog post for us followers. I was looking for a few new face products, and I finally found one. Thank you so much, I hope I can purchase these soon c: I have a question about these products. How do I purchase these since they are are located in UK?

  2. when you start doing videos we'll be able to see it on you!