My new favorite scents! ♡

Hey everyone! I bought these really nice smelling things the other day at the mall and i'm absolutely in love with them so I thought i'd share them with you. This isn't going to be a very long post because there isn't much I can say about these other than they smell AMAZING! I believe that this is the summer collection from bath and body works and they had a couple other scents but these two were my fave! Sugar berry smash smells like vanilla strawberries and plum lily swirl smells like sweet fruit. I'm not sure if that even makes sense but thats how I feel like it smells >.<

I thought it was pretty cool the smell changes while you're wearing it. I never noticed this on the back of bath and body works lotions before. Its really cool! If you have a bath and body works near you, you should go smell their summer collection because its literally amazing and these were only $5 each! Or buy it online here ^__^

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  1. April, can you make a post on music? Like playlists and whatnot.
    P.s i absolutely love you.

  2. Yours was one of the first blogs I read, give mine a go?

  3. They have lovely products, it's just too bad they test on animals :(