My current wish list ♡

Too faced radiant glow face powder $32.00
Lime crime lipstick in Geradium $15.99
Ladylike bike ride top $59.99
Follow your art flat $49.99
Meowed on the town wallet $39.99

Lime crime eyeliner in Quill $13.99
Lime crime nail polish in Parfait day $5.99
Lime crime nail polish in Peaches love cream $5.99
Lime crime nail polish in Crema de limon $5.99

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  1. why would you EVER want to order from a scamming company like lime crime?

  2. I want the two faced glow powder too!

    xoxo, Aman | coffee chic twitter

  3. lime crime is really really bad!!! don't do it!!! They're awful and repackaged! The lipsticks are such bad quality and the owner is not the nicest.

  4. I loved the lime crime stuff but based on the comments above, I didn't know they had such negative rumors lol. I just googled it and the owner supposedly created a raffle and said she was going to use the money to donate to an animal shelter, but used the money to go on her honey moon trip? The link is here.

    I also wanted to ask if you could sign this petition to help close a zoo in South East Asia, and possibly spread the word? The workers have been treating the animals really poorly and it would be great if you could help because I know you have a lot of fans.

    Thanks so much. <3

    1. They're not negative rumors. Makeup communities all over the internet know what is wrong with limecrime (reddit makeup addiction, beauty forums, etc)

      There is solid proof of Doe Deere's rudeness. There are more controversies behind Limecrime, and one of the popular one was when they basically repackaged mica powders and sold them as their "luxury" eyeshadow. Just google more "Lime crime controversy"


    These socks i found today are too cute!!! Except.. I don't know what shoes/outfit would look nice with it :( would you mind checking it out, April? C:

  6. google doe deer lies, you wont want to buy from lime crime after you read about their history.

  7. Yeah, definitely dont buy from lime crime. theyre a crooked company.

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