Girl talk: Periods ♡

I've been putting this off for a while because I didn't know how a lot of you were going to react to this kind of post, but recently a lot of people have been asking me to make a post about periods. In this post i'm going to try and target a lot of questions and major points I feel that all people that have their periods should know. I might leave some things out, so like always feel free to leave your own input in the comments below! 

The first thing I want to talk to you guys about is tampons. I feel like tampons are really scary to a lot of people because its basically shoving something inside of your body. A lot of people think that tampons are only for people who have sex before, and thats not true at all. Tampons can be used by just about anyone. Its just the size of tampon that can be painful to you. Tampons come in different sizes that can absorb less, or more depending on what you need. If you have fairly light periods I would recommend buying the light tampons, if you have very heavy periods I would recommend buying the super tampons. Another thing I see people asking a lot is if tampons hurt, and they do not if you use the correct size and apply them correctly. Obviously you're not going to want to buy super tampons if you have a light period. Another reason it might hurt is if you don't push it up high enough in your vagina. If you only push it half way, it will hurt when you sit down. If you guys want another post on how to apply a tampon, please let me know! I will definitely do that for you guys. Something I really want to stress about tampons is that you HAVE to change them every two/three hours or even more often than that if you'd like. Tampons aren't something you can just put on and leave in all day because there is something called Toxic shock syndrome or, TSS for short that can happen when you leave a tampon in for long periods of time. TSS is something that is really serious and isn't something you can fool around with so if you are having symptoms like: Fever, feeling light headed, fainting, vomiting, or headaches you might be experiencing TSS, and you should tell a parent or someone you trust as soon as you possibly can. As long as you change your tampons regularly and use clean hands while applying, you should be okay! I would personally recommend all of my little kitten babies to use the smallest sized tampons for practice, before you start using super jumbo tampons. Don't feel discouraged if you try a couple of times and it doesn't work. Also, don't be scared! Your vagina won't suck it up I promise, theres a string and you can pull it right out if it hurts! Theres so much I can keep saying about tampons but i'll leave it at that note. Like I said earlier, I will make another post if thats what yo guys want! ^__^

Another important product to use while on your period is panty liners. I feel like these are often overlooked when people talk about periods. If you are having a very light period where you are only experiencing spotting, these are perfect for you. They are very thin but will absorb very light periods and you can barely see them. These are also useful for those of you who worry about leaking while wearing tampons. Just like the tampons, you should change these out about every two/three hours just for sanitary reasons. 

And here is a pad! I don't personally use pads to go out and about into the world because they can get pretty uncomfortable. Since you are sitting in blood, and its moist it can give you a rash and that just seems icky to me. I do use pads to sleep though! Because sometimes I end up sleeping for long periods of time, and I don't want to leave a tampon in for that long! Pads are pretty self explanatory. You just lay them down on you undies and live your life! Some pretty big downfalls of pads are that they can make you smell, and they are uncomfortable. So its just preference! You might end up liking pads better than tampons.

And lastly, is menstrual cups. I have never owned/used a menstrual cup so I had to steal one off the internet. But look, theres pretty colors! *u* But basically they are little cups that you insert into your vagina that catch and hold the blood before it comes out. You can buy reusable ones, or one time use ones. I can't really say much about these because i've never used them before so if you have please leave some information down below about them, like for example.. your experiences with them. I have heard that these are really safe though!

 Feeling fresh  
A lot of people have the problem that they feel really gross on their period and I quite often get questions about this so I thought i'd address it. There are wipes you can buy to use on your period that
help keep you smelling and feeling nice. I personally like the summers eve collection. Its fairly cheap and is made for sensitive skin. Summers eve also makes washes that can also help if you've been feeling icky.
You can also use these products even if you aren't on your period so dont be scared to buy them! ^__^ The packaging is also pretty cute so if you whip them out nobody is going to be like EW PERIOD GIRL!!! They'll just say, woah, look at her with those cute wipe things. I always keep around a little baggie with two tampons, two pads, and these wipes because you never know if someone around you might need something. Also, if you're on your period its really important to keep extras with you. You can put everything in a cute little bag and just stick it in your bag. You might also want to carry around a extra undie just in case you leak. 

PMS is something almost every girl has. PMS can make you irritable, sad, hungry, bloated, and just about every range of emotions in less than five minutes. I am lucky enough that I dont get very bad PMS I just crave a lot of food and get a bit dizzy. Its different for everyone so you might get it really bad, or you might not feel anything at all! I do get really bad cramps the first two days of my period though. They were a lot worse when I was younger, but they are still bothersome. If you have bad cramps or headaches while on or before your period you can try taking some pain medicine. I have another post on how to deal with your period, you can read it here!

Well, thats just about everything I can think of saying so I hope this was helpful to some of you! ^__^ Leave your feedback in the comments! xo <3

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  1. Please do a post on how to apply a tampon!

  2. Yes. Please do a post on how to put one in.

  3. Also you should read the instructions on these things, at least i know most tampons the max they say to leave is 8 hours (obv you can change more often) and to not freak out because i've left them longer and freaked out the first time thinking i would get tss and I didn't. Obviously be wary and change often, but don't stress if you don't get it the first time.

    I appreciate you stressing that you don't have to have sex to be able to use tampons, I had heard that as a youngster and that is NOT true so hopefully someone will read it, they are a blessing lol!

  4. Hi Jasmine! Although i'm old enough to know all about this topic already, i just wanted to read it because i love reading your posts! This was very informative and a fun read ^u^
    And like the other above, it was great you emphasized how tampons are for just about anyone, even those who haven't had sex. That was a big issue for my mom until i had to explain to her after years of persuasion that that isn't the case!
    x boohoolindalieu

  5. Please do a post on how to insert a tampon ^___^

  6. hey Jasmine I love your blog! But one thing my doctor told me about tampons, if you are just changing it to change it (i.e., it hasn't soaked up very much), it can cause tiny tears in your vaginal walls because of the dry cotton being removed. you should remove it when it's full, it's not bad to wear them the full 8 hours! now this is just what she told me and i just wanted to warn :D

  7. A blog post on how to insert a tampon is much appreciated!

  8. You're so brave to publish this!

  9. great post! i often forget how many girls still are not fully informed about their periods lol
    i love the bit about the tampons and sex thing because i feel like thats such a huge misconception, my mom would always tell me to wear pads because tampons were for people who had had sex, but i used them anyway & they are my fav, i recently convinced my mom to wear try them out & she uses them allll the time now lol
    much love xoxo

  10. I've personally used the "cups" before and they're pretty great. You can wear them safely up to 12 hours and, if inserted properly, it feels like you're not even on your period. The Softcup brand makes it possible to have sex while on your period, for those that are sexually active. And from personal experience, it works. It should come with a warning because they can get pretty messy/gross when you remove them. Not for the faint of heart. You basically have to dump the blood out. But I'm still a fan.

  11. Thank you so much for this post! I'm 14 and want to try tampons. Please do a post on how to use them. You make periods sound not so icky so thanks!

  12. If you need to know how to insert a tampon THAT bad, you know you can always google it or read the instructions that are usually on the outside of the box (and inside!) I actually learned through googling it one day at school when I was out of pads and HAD to use a tampon! They're not scary at all like I thought it would be. :)

  13. good post! I love using the cups instead of tampons the first time a tried the cup i never went back! its so easy and cheaper than tampons I get the reusable kind! it is also a cute color and comes in a cute little pouch for whenever you need it

  14. This is over all a good article, but I'd just like to point out one thing that's pretty inaccurate: You should not be using wipes, douching, or washing with soaps "down there" unless directed by a doctor. Doing this is actually very harmful to your health. Your vagina cleans itself and washing it can mess up this cleaning process and leave you more open to yeast infections, urinary tract infections, and bacterial vaginosis. If it smells pungent or is feeling irritated talk to a doctor these are signs of an infection. For further information check out this cute video I like, it explains this topic very well:

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