Etude house AC clinic daily gel review ♡

So about a month and a half ago I ordered some face masks off of ebay and the seller gave me a sample of this AC clinic daily gel lotion in a tiny bottle. I absolutely loved the texture and how it sunk into my skin that I decided to buy it! So today i'm going to be reviewing it for you. 

This gel lotion is by Etude house which is a korean brand that sells tons of different kinds of makeup. I've been using their blushes for about a year and a half now! The bottle this is in is actually glass, and its really good quality so once the product is gone, you can put something else in here. The only problem i have with this packaging is that it has a screw off cap, not a pump. So its kind of hard to control how much product is coming out. The packing is a lot cleaner and simple compared to a lot of the packing etude house puts out which is nice!

Now on to the actual product! This is a gel, so its perfect if you have troublesome skin because it wont just lay on top of your skin like a normal lotion. Gel is lighter and absorbs quicker. This gel goes a LONG way, so this bottle will probably last me six or seven months of use. The gel has a pretty clean smelling... smell. I'm not sure how I would explain the smell. It's not bad at all! I've been using this gel every single day for about three weeks now and i'm loving it so far. It has not broke me out, works when i wear it under makeup, and keeps my face moisturized. This is the perfect summer moisturizer! But since it's almost fall over here in California, I hope it keeps up through winter. 

If you've been looking for something new to try, I would really recommend this! I bought mine off of ebay. The seller I bought it from isn't selling it anymore but you can just search "Etude house ac clinic daily gel" and you should find some! ^_^

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  1. Ahhhh I've been looking for a good moisturizer and I love Etude House's other products ^^ I hadn't heard of this one, I might try it!

    Nica ~

  2. I like this lotion too!! But I really dislike the lip… it is really troublesome and also the bottle is super heavy!