Current favorite: Cartoon hangover ♡

Something i'm currently obsessed with is, cartoon hangover. You might be thinking, wow this looks like adventure time! Well, its by the same creators! They offer mini cartoons on youtube (for free of course!) and they are literally, amazing! I'm addicted to bravest warriors right now and I wish the episodes were longer!

Heres the new preview of their new show called Bee and Puppycat. It looks AMAZING. Its airing on July 11th, I believe! If you guys are anything like me, you'll be looking forward to this show until it airs. It honestly reminds me of something studio ghibli would produce. I'm also really impressed that, they are producing these cartoons with such quality, for only putting them out on youtube. I admire that!

Here are some screenshots from Bravest warriors. Bravest warriors is set in the year 3085 and they try to save the world, and space with their emotions. If you like adventure time, you'll love this because they are pretty similar. Although, Bravest warriors is a little more crude, which makes it even more funny! I have a huge crush on danny.. heheh...

Heres my favorite episode of Bravest warriors! You can watch the whole season through this video player just press the front and back buttons! I hope you guys like it as much as I do! I know this isn't super related to my blog because its about cartoons, but I know a lot of you ask me to blog about things i'm currently loving and this is what i've been paying a lot of attention to lately! These guys at cartoon hangover deserve a lot more love than they are getting already! Let me know down in the comments if you are looking forward to Bee and Puppycat, or if you watched the Bravest Warriors, and if you liked it!

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  1. I love Bravest Warriors! I'm sooooo excited for the new season, I think it's coming this Fall? Catbug is my favorite, and the voice actor is the most adorable little thing in the whole wide world omg. He likes pizza, is six years old, and a redhead like omfg he's tooooo cute - w -

  2. I've just watched the first three episodes of bravest warriors and I love it! I know how i'll be spending my day! I can't wait for bee and puppycat!

  3. This does look really good! Will have to check it out!

  4. i watched bravest warriors but like adventure time, it's not really my thing :/ bee and puppycat though! that's a different story, definitely gonna watch

  5. I was just about to make a post like this, then remembered you already made a post about it! x.x