Cosmetic Warrior lush face mask review ♡

Hi there again guys and girls! I haven't done a lush review in such a long time! Why you ask?! Because I have a HUGE basket filled to the brim with unused products. I kept buying and buying and never had enough time to use all of them. Plus, I don't like baths during summer, so i'm kind of on a lush break at the moment besides my skincare routine. I'm going to be telling you guys about this lovely face mask today! Its called cosmetic warrior and its a fresh face mask which means it needs to be refrigerated. So unfortunately, you can only buy this in store. 

The main ingredients in this fresh face mask are: Fresh grapes, eggs, garlic, honey, and kaolin. So this makes this the perfect acne prone skin mask! I'm not very familiar with kaolin, but its a type of clay. The other ingredients i've talked about on my blog tons! Now, since this has eggs in it, it isn't a vegan product like a lot of their other stuff is, but they made sure to let us know they used free range eggs!

The texture of this face mask is very soft and calming. Although it does smell a little. It doesn't really bother me that much at all because my nose is dumb and doesn't work very well but when you go into the store make sure to give it a little whiff and see if its something you can deal with before you buy it. This mask doesn't have any exfoliants so if you have acne it isn't going to irritate your skin by scrubbing it. I really adore this mask because it leaves my skin feeling light, soft, and dry but not too dry to where it is bad for me. That kinda dry where it just dries out your pimples kinda dry! If you've been struggling with acne or acne scarring you should check out this mask! Its lovely, and very affordable! 

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  1. Oh~ I think I need something like this. Thanks for reviewing it <3

  2. Your new icon is gorgeous, you are so pretty!