Back to school haul ♡

Yay, my back to school haul! Probably what everyone has been waiting for from me! I did't buy too many things because i'm starting college and I didn't need too many things, but what I did buy...obviously I had to make it really cute! I bought all of these things in person (shocking I know) so i'll let you know where I got everything ^__^

The first thing is my binder for school. Last night I made a blog post on how I decorated my binder, so check it out! I just got this plain white binder from walmart. I also added some separators on the inside and labeled them with this cool nifty label maker I found in my house! Inside of my binder I also have those clear plastic things, and paper!

I bought this really cute Lisa frank notebook at walmart! I used to love Lisa frank when I was little so I thought i'd buy it again and my boyfriend bought me the other notebook from a tiny shop in little tokyo. That notebook doesn't have the paper that can rip out so I think i'm going to use that one for notes ^__^

I got this pencil bag pouch thing at little tokyo almost four years ago! I'm shocked I haven't lost it. A lot of these pencils i've bought at local stores around me and others were gifts. I've had a lot of these for a long time. The eraser case I got from mitsuwa and the erasers are also from mitsuwa.

The little bear keychain is a tape measure! My major is interior deisgn so... I don't know, it seemed like it would be handy I bought it at mitsuwa. Some neon index cards I bought at walmart, a ruler I bought at cotton on, and my poketo planner! I also bought these little kitty sticky notes (you can see one poking out of my planner) I forgot to take a picture of them ; - ;

And lastly my laptop! I didn't buy this recently, but i'm going to be carrying this in my backpack. This was a pretty short post but I hope you guys liked it!

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  1. I really love how you've decorated your binder! I remember when I was still in school, we all used to do that! Mostly magazine cut outs etc >.<

  2. Aw, all of your stationery is so cute. ♥ I love all the notebooks you have.

  3. amazing!^_^
    Do you want to follow eachother with?))

  4. too cute, your blog is too cute! >3< i love when girls are putting so much effort in their websites - yours is so lovely, i love the colors and good quality of photos!
    these school things are adorable - i have to buy some cute notebooks too! ^^
    i'm following you right now~

    [my cute weirdoland -]

  5. This post is exploding with cuteness! :)

    Keep in touch

  6. Love this post so much~ your whole blog is cute!