All about @Thisisevolve ♡

So recently i've been super obsessed with brands that give off positive vibes about bettering yourself instead of that negative bull poop you see on a day to day basis that everyone wears! Evolve is a clothing company that is just about pursing your dreams and being happy. I, of course.. LOVE THAT! I wanted to share some of my favorite products with you guys and i'm also having a giveaway with them! I've been trying to broaden my horizons as far as blogging goes because I know a lot of you ask me to blog about clothing OTHER than cutesy things, so I thought this was perfect, perfect for back to school comfy casual.  

♥ Success tee 

♥ Beanie 

So evolve and I are giving away a 20 dollar gift card towards anything in the store that you'd like! All you have to do is repost the photo above ( on instragram ), hashtag #evolvejasmineblu,  and be following me, @jasmineblu and @thisisevolve on instagram! Super easy right? ^__^ 

I hope you guys are looking forward to more of my back to school giveaways soon! Let me know down in the comments if you'd like to see more post where I talk about other styles of clothing because I know a lot of you have told me that you read my blog, but don't dress in my style of clothing. I'd love to blog about more things, but I don't know. Let me know how you feel!

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  1. The Love Yourself sweater and the beanie are super cute c: I'm happy with your posts about your own style, though! Individuality is what draws people to different blogs, I think. If people are looking for other styles then there are a ton of other great blogs out there!

  2. I think it'd be great if you wrote about different styles of clothing (: