Stay cute new website + giveaway ♡

Stay cute has a brand new website and some new things! A lot of people have been messaging me about being confused about tokyo hardcore, and stay cute. Stay cute IS tokyo hardcore. But, tokyo hardcore is a store name and not the clothing lines name. The clothing lines name is stay cute and you can check out the new website here. You can check out some stay cute clothes, along with some other  non stay cute branded items still on the old tokyo hardcore storenvy here. I hope this clears up some confusion with those of you who were asking!

Nope crop top ♥ 

♥ Kitten crew tank 

♥ Mega babe crop 

In honor of the new stay cute instagram theres giveaway! Its going to be for one of the floral hats shown in the photo above. All you need to do is follow @staycutexo on instagram, repost this photo, and tag #staycute!

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  1. Did you ever announce the winner of your contest that ended in April??

  2. Lush giveaway? c: yes i did the person was emailed!

  3. This is awesome! Thanks!