Movie review: The purge (no spoilers) ♡

So a couple of days ago I went to go watch The purge. Now, I don't really like scary movies... But for some reason I was like YEAH! I wanna watch it! That was a huge mistake for me. The movie is based in America in the "not to distant future" there was a year. But I don't remember it (professional i know right?). The US government created a "purge" to help people get rid of all of their hate/anger. It has shown to work extremely well and the US has little to no crime anymore. The purge lasts for twelve hours and hospitals suspend helping people until the purge is over. The movie is based around a family who is.. well, rich. The father works for a company that sells security systems and from selling so much, they were able to afford a new add on for their home. 

I found that the movie previews on TV and youtube didn't really tell you much about the movie so I wasn't really expecting what I saw. Long story short, the movie gave me a panic attack. For those of you who love scary movies this wont be scary at all to you. But I hate them, so it was torture to me! It was really suspenseful until the last thirty/forty five minutes of the movie. Where, then it became really predictable and at that point I wasn't really scared anymore. 

The concept of the movie is pretty interesting and i've never seen it done before. I think thats why a lot of people went to see/want to see this movie. Thats why I saw it! But it made me feel really disturbed to think about the world become that hateful where the US legalizes all crime for twelve hours once a year. Although the purge does make living in the US more safe, its pretty scary to think about. 

 All and all, I would recommend watching this movie because its a concept that has never been done before and its a fun thing to see. I'll use the word fun.. very lightly (I was freaking out the whole time). I do feel that the movie could have been done a little bit better. It kind of seemed like they slacked off in the end. The ending wasn't ideal for me either. I really wish it ended differently! I don't think this movie will become anything super great, but it is a good watch to go see with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friends!

3 out of 5 

An interesting new concept that was a fun watch, but not a jaw dropping movie. 

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  1. the year was 2022!!

  2. Oh I was going to go and see this but I am in 2 minds. I used to love scary movies until Paranormal Activity broke me. :-(

  3. I've heard and read a lot of reviews that have hinted at really racist undertones, especially considering many racist social movements have used the term "purge" to further their movements. Just thought I'd share in case, anyone cared or felt that same.

    1. Not really, I have watched the movie and the racist undertones you are referring may have been some of the ideas that the movie points out that is a HUGE flaw/component to the purge, i.e. the purge being an excuse to kill off "undesirables" like homeless, disabled people, POC, etc. There is commentary about race, but I would not say the movie ITSELF is racist. Also could've been a much better movie if it continued touching upon these subjects, but overall not awful imo. Just adding my two cents on the matter!

  4. Hmm I want to watch it, but I get panic attacks quite easily as well.. D:


  5. Here in Spain it hasn't been released yet. Tomorrow is the day. And I'll be willing to see it!