Japanese bath powder review + a little haul ♡

I bought this bath powder at marukai living in San Diego. I love buying the bath powders they sell there because not only are they cheap but they make your bath turn cute colors! I've never bought from this particular brand though.

For this bucket of lavender bath powder it was $4.00 which is super cheap! I used it the day I bought it and it smells really great. I was disappointed that it turned the water blue, and not purple though.

The bucket comes with a little shovel where you can pour the powder into! Pretty useful. I'm not sure if  its the one that I bought, or all of them but when I pour the powder out, it seeps through the sides of the lid. Which can get a little messy but I just shake it all into my bath. 

Can be used to make your room smell nice
A lot of product for a cheap price
Cute packaging

♥ Cons 
Might be hard to find for others
Lid doesn't work properly 
The color is blue, not purple

And these are a couple of other little things I bought while I was there! A seal bath mitten, erasers, and a bear measuring tape. I was tempted to buy so many other things but I had to resist myself! 

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  1. I wouldnt be able to resist! I wish we had a place like that in Buffalo NY. I just have to order all my cute stuff online. Hehe.


  2. I've honestly never heard of bath powder before xD looks really relaxing. Wish I had the patience to take nice long baths haha

  3. This looks so cool!

  4. Does anyone know where I can find Poli Adeline bath powder - it's Japanese

  5. Does anyone know where I can find Poli Adeline bath powder - it's Japanese