How to get longer hair ♡

It's officially summer and everyone wants to have long beautiful hair without the long wait! In this post i'll help you grow your hair a bit longer. Some of the things i've tried, and the others I haven't. So, if i've tried them i'll let you know how they have worked down below! Not everything works the same on everyone, so just keep that in mind. 

♥  Keep your hair safe ♥ 
Since its hot out, and we're all loving the pool, and the beach. One of the best ways to keep your hair long and healthy is to protect it. You can wear a swim cap when going to the pool, and a floppy hat when at the beach! The suns harsh rays aren't very good for your hair! Limit the amount of times you wash your hair. Every other day is the perfect amount. 

♥ Hair masks 
There are a lot of hair masks out there that you can use/make to help your hair grow longer. Coconut oil is really great to help add shine to your hair. It also helps split ends, and dry hair. Fresh orange juice (from an actual orange not the juice in a bottle) can help stimulate the hair follicles and help your hair grow longer as well! I have a blog post on a diy hair mask, you can check it out here.

♥ Cutting your hair... or not 
A lot of people say that cutting your hair every two months is a good thing to help your hair grow longer. But in my own personal experience that didn't work. I used to get my hair trimmed every three months and I would never see hair growth, at all! So I just stopped going. I would treat my hair with over night hair masks and when I didn't have those, I would leave conditioners in my hair over night and my hair would have no split ends anymore! I'm going on three years of not cutting my hair besides my bangs and my hair is longer than its ever been!

♥ Taking vitamins 
Taking vitamins can help your health, and grow your hair, and make your nails stronger! The most popular vitamin to take while trying to grow out your hair is Biotin. I've taken Biotin before, and it actually broke me out. I stopped taking it after I broke out so I didn't see any results but a lot of people say they do see results. Its a hit or miss if Biotin breaks you out or not. Some people tell me you can stop it from breaking you out by drinking a lot of water with the vitamins but i'm not sure if thats true or not. Vitamin E, C, B-1, and B-2 are also really amazing for your overall health, and hair growth.

♥ Eating healthy 
Eating protein is necessary for your hair to grow. Meats and eggs have tons of protein. If you are a vegetarian beans and lentils have protein as well. Also, eating healthy fats are necessary too. Some healthy (in moderation) fats are: Peanut butter, olives, avocados, and nuts.

♥ Other tips 
Don't wash your hair while wet (OH MY GOD I WROTE THIS ON ACCIDENT)
Don't brush your hair while wet.
Limit heat on your hair, and if you decide to use heat, use a protectant. 
Drink tons of water.
Avoid using hair spray.
Try using all natural products, they're better for you.
Don't expect fast results. Things take time.

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  1. love your blog! i want to follow but i have no idea how? because i can't find the follow button lol.

  2. I have frizzy hair. any solutions to deal with that?
    btw, the style of your blog is so lovely and sweet!

    1. Moroccan Oil! Depending how much hair you have, you can just use a small $15 bottle or the large $40 bottle. I have long, kind of thick hair but all I need is the small bottle. Literally a dime-size amount does the trick for me. (: Lasts me for about 5-7 months.

  3. Great tips!

  4. Lovely tips!
    LOL @ the "don't wash your hair while wet", ahha! xD

  5. How can I not brush my hair why when wet? I have really fluffy black girl hair and it would dry all tangled :c

    1. Use a wide tooth comb after you let conditioner sit awhile then wash it out. Also try using cold water.

    2. this guild is for white girls, because if you have natural black hair its more ideal to comb your hair out when its wet in the shower.

  6. Haha some of us actually have no choice but to brush our hair while wet (in my case, it is insanely thick and curly) My hair has grown from my shoulders to the middle of my back within a year and a half and I've been brushing my hair while wet pretty much my entire life.

  7. Love this thanks for the tips girl! ~

    check out my blog if you want xoxo

  8. great tips - i just got extensions ha x

  9. Great tips! I for one use a swim cap whenever I swim - at fist I was afraid of looking really silly but I get complements every time I wear it! I purchased a light pink flowery one here:

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