How to get healthy looking nails ♡

Have your nails been beaten to death by nail polishes, chemicals, and removers? I'll help you bring them back to life! Having healthy, strong nails is key when you want to grow them, or even keep them from chipping/breaking 

♥ Use nail polish remover without acetone. 
♥ Keep your hands and nails hydrated.
♥ Give your nails a break from nail polish so they can breathe.
♥ Dip your nails in olive oil for 2-4 minutes every other day.
♥ Massage your hands/nails. This increases blood flow and may help them grow.
♥ Use cuticle cream to push back cuticles.
♥ Eat more veggies if your nails are brittle.
♥ Apply a clear top coat before applying nail color so your nails don't stain.
♥ Using a mixture of lemon juice/honey/sugar will help moisturize and help stained nails.

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  1. OPI's "Nail Envy" is amazing too! But it's little pricey alternative compared to these awesome tips~
    Thanks April!

  2. Taking biotin also helps a lot I had stained yellow nails from always having my nails painted and after a few days of taking biotin my nails were no longer yellow

  3. Not any clear top coat but a specific base coat!