How to be confident ♡

Hi guys and girls! For ages now i've wanted to make a blog post on how to be confident. Now obviously, we can't all have the best confidence in the world, and I myself don't have the best confidence in the world, but we can all help one another! Feel free to leave comments below on how you help yourself feel confident, so others can read it and you could help others as well! 

 ♥ Stop comparing yourself to others ♥ 
This is probably the hardest step in becoming confident. But its something we need to stop! We are all beautiful kings, and queens. No matter what race, color, weight, or gender! At the end of the day, you will still have your pretty little face, so theres no need to even think about other people and what they have. In todays society its so easy to get caught up in what other people have that we forget about how lovely we are. A wonderful exercise is to write down all the things you love about your life on a piece of paper when you're happy, and read it when you're sad. Thats what I do, at least. Just remember kittens, this isn't something thats going to stop right away. It takes time to realize you're a huge rockin' babe!

♥ Wear what YOU want, and rock it ♥ 
A lot of people always ask me how I have the confidence to wear the things I do, and it makes me so sad that so many people are scared to wear what they like. Guys, its 2013! Have you seen some of the things people wear?! I know its kind of scary to have lots of people staring at you, but clothing is a way to express your inner artist! Wearing the type of clothes you like is what makes you, you! If you want to begin to change your style, a good tip is to do it slowly, because then you get used to things gradually, and after a while you begin to think its fun that people are looking at you! You get a lot more compliments than you would think! People admire others who are brave, you may influence someone to break out of their shell!

♥ Accept compliments ♥ 
You're amazing! If someone compliments you instead of denying the compliment, take it! It also feels really nice to give them one back. It's an amazing cycle that makes not only one person feel better, but two. When you deny a comment it makes you look stand offish and your mind and heart don't accept the compliment even though it was given to you. So next time, accept it, and give one back!

♥ Positive role models 
This is a kind of silly thing to say but finding a positive is a really great thing! Some people think having a role model is weird, or some people even think you're "copying" them but who cares. Some people find comfort in looking up to someone. A great role model is albinwonderland. She's not only really cool and amazing, but her views on life are really fantastic. I always refer to her when people ask me who to follow. Point is, don't feel guilty for looking up to someone. 

♥ Embrace what you love 
Doing things that you love, and practicing them is the most fulfilling thing ever! Trying out for your schools sports teams, joining a club, or doing other things you're interested in can help you meet friends who have the same interests and ultimately help your confidence. 

♥ Life is about progression, not completion 
A lot of people like to think that confidence is just something that NEEDS to happen. Its something that happens over time and will always become better. Just like everything else in life. Theres always room for improvement. Perfect, exists, but in different variations. No matter what, love yourself, because theres always someone who loves seeing you smile. I love you!

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  1. Thanks for this babe! You're the best!

    xoxo, Aman

  2. Awwwhh, I love you even so much more for this! ♡

  3. This is great advice! ♥ I think confidence improves with age as well. :)

  4. These are some wonderful tips! I agree that people should be more confident, and I hope this helps many of your readers (:

  5. Such lovely words of inspiration <3

  6. Awesome advice; I'm sure this will help a lot of people! A big part of growing up for me was learning to take chances. If you don't say it, people won't know what you want. If you don't ask, you don't get. Sometimes, the worst that someone could say is "No." :)

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  8. Really lovely post! Thank you <3

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