Holographic shoes ♡

I got these really pretty holographic shoes from h&m for $12 and I had to share them with you guys. I've seen them at two local h&m's so hopefully they will have them near you as well. I got a size 8 and its about a half size too big for me, so i'd recommend getting a half size down. Or even a whole size down because this material does stretch. 

These shoes aren't the best of quality, but they were only $12 dollars so what more could you ask!? They will probably last me all summer, and some. Which is fine. 

The holographic stuff is kind of hard to take pictures of, but I hope you guys can see! If you buy these shoes, link me to any photos you take with them! I'd love to see!

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  1. really cute! <3 <3


  2. I don't remember but a popular Anime wears those


  3. I think it's pretty cool the way they shine and the colours are really pretty too.

  4. they are so cute! we have the same shoe size, hehe xoxo


    much love, Aman xx

  5. These are so cute ^.^ and for $12?! Dayummm ;D Hopefully they've got them stocked online because there's not a HnM anywhere near me :(


  6. I got these in pink ^_^ more like a metallic pink :)

  7. These are stunning shoes, and they felt okay after I tried them on. but after having them on for an hour my toes were injured and injured disappointed that the size was wrong.

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  8. These are so cute! Unfortunately my feet look huge in these kinds of sneakers, but I do love the holo effect <3

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  11. i have these shoes and they are amazing!!