Dolly wink liquid eyeliner review ♡

I've tried the dolly wink pencil eyeliner before, and I hated it! It smudged and never stayed in its place. But on my birthday at disneyland alisha showed me her liquid eyeliner and I wanted to try it out for myself! I ordered this off ebay for $14.50. They do sell it in stores near me, but its always super over priced!

The packaging is super cute and I don't see anything wrong with it at all. It has a little ball in there or something so when you shake it, it makes a sound. The top clicks on perfectly as well. So there shouldn't be any drying out.

This is the tip! its felt, and not the poopy kind that strings off and leaves your eyeliner uneven. The color I got was black, and it is truly black! 

And heres a swatch of the eyeliner itself! You can make it thin, or thick all in one swipe! The color is really pigmented for one swipe so you wont have to waste product and go over it again to make it truly black. I rubbed over my hand after swatching my hand and it didn't come off at all. But its not water proof. I ran it under water while lightly rubbing and it came off pretty quickly. Which isn't a problem for me at all. 

♥ Pros 
Cute packaging
Long lasting

♥ Cons 
Not waterproof
Might be hard to find


I give this product a 4 out of 5 because the packing is super cute! The eyeliner is long lasting, and cheap. It would be perfect to make cat eyes/winged liner with because of its fine point. I definitely will repurchase this!

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  1. Thank you for showing this:) I've been wanting to try a new liner for a while now that stays put. I don't want to spend much so this is a great price.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! Ive always wanted to give Dolly Wink a try!

  3. I wanna try this! I love your blog Jasmine xx you are so cute!

  4. I love your blog! ^__^

    Can you please do a post about gluten free foods? :D

  5. yes have tried this eyeliner it's pretty nice :D