Thank you so much for one million views! ♡

I woke up this morning and realized that I had one million views on my blog and of course I had to announce it! Thank you to everyone who has supported me, it seriously means the world to me and if it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't have had half of the opportunities I have had in my lifetime. I try my best to blog every day or every other day so you guys have cute new things to see and i'm sorry that sometimes I can't. Anyways, i'm blown away that my blog has gotten so many views. It fills my heart up with joy! I made an email account where you guys can leave your requests for blogposts: I will check this email everyday and please leave your name or url... or both so when/ if I make the blog post you are requesting I can put your name! I love you guys! muuuuahh.


  1. Do you make your own gifs at the bottom?

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  2. well done for hitting 1 million!!

  3. I knew you were popular but had no idea you were THIS popular. Wow, you are so amazing. c: