Summer essentials ♡

Summer essentials of 2013! It seems like summer is just around the corner, and it is! I got tons of requests to do a post similar to this so I hope this does the job. Summer is the best time of year because its warm and you get to go to the beach and look at cute boys (I mean what) anyways, this is a photo list of the things I personally think every girl needs for summer. The list goes from left to right.

♥ Neutrogena healthy skin pressed powder ♥ 
 I love using this powder to set my foundation and it keeps my face oily free for ages!

♥  The perfect peachy nail polish ♥ 
This nail polish I showed is by essie, I love the colors by them but its SO overpriced, i just liked the color.

♥  Babylips  ♥ 
Babylips is my favorite right now because its like lipbalm and lipstick put together. It keeps your lips really moisturizer 

♥  Oil blotting sheets ♥ 
Oil blotting sheets are amazing during summer of you have combo or oily skin because it soaks up all the icky oils on your skin on the go!

♥ Face & body SPF ♥ 
This is really important during summer because the sun can really damage your skin and cause you some problems! This yes and cucumbers SPF is really great because its cruelty free. They sell this brand online, and at target! 

Lotion ♥ 
This lotion from The body shop. I have this and use it all the time because its a SPRAY LOTION!!! How cool is that!? This one especially is amazing because it has a really nice cooling effect. This would be perfect to take along with you to a summer fair, concert, or even to the beach!

♥ Lotion with SPF ♥ 
Even though its a little cloudy outside you need SPF! The suns ray can still catch you!

♥  Deodorant ♥ 
This is actually the deodorant I use and it smells like strawberries. Its great. Nobody wants a smelly poop.

♥ Bows ♥ 
Putting your hair up with an adorable bow is perfect for summer and adds a pop of color to any outfit.

♥ Sandals ♥  
Having the perfect pair of sturdy sandals is key! A good pair of black or white ones will match with every outfit. 

♥  Bathing suit ♥ 
A really adorable swimsuit will get you through the summer! The one I pictured is amazing isnt it? Its sold out on the modcloth site right now but I just had to show you guys. It would look so pretty on tanned skin!

♥ Summer dress ♥ 
Having a light colored airy dress is really great for hot summer days.

Small backpack ♥  
For me, having a good backpack is really good because I always go to the beach during summer and a backpack is so much more convenient. 

♥ Shorts ♥ 
Because.. shorts.

♥ Sunnies ♥ 
Because... sunnies.

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  1. This post is so cute even though it's winter where I live :c

  2. in loveee with your blog! i will be sure to pick up a few of the beauty items youve mentioned! followed you on bloglovin and gfc :) xx

  3. I know this is totally unrelated to the post but I was one of you winners (@xhugadork) for the valentine's day card and I never recieved mine :C Please reply!