Spontaneous trip to irvine ♡

So randomly, my friend Paola and I decided to go to irvine. We were actually planning to do something ELSE yesterday but ended up going to this really adorable place called sticki picki where there are tons of Japanese photo booths!

The area where Sticki Picki is, is kind of like an asian strip mall and had tons of cute stores, like this one! This was actually a baby store but I wouldn't resist going in and looking at everything.

This is what the inside of the booth looked like. 

After you take the pictures you go into the other part of the photo booth and you can edit the pictures. This part is super fun because there are tons and tons of options. if you live anywhere near irvine, then I would really recommend going. The guy working there was super nice too!

And here are the finished photos! They're actually stickers so I can stick them on things ^o^ There were some tiny ones on the bottom but they had a service there where you could make it into a little phone charm type thing so I got that for paola and I. 

After we went to Hmart and ate! My food consisted of mostly onion so it wasn't that good ; - ; but anywho, I had a really fun day!

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  1. They have a place near where I live in Garden Grove/Westminster area my friends and I used to go to in high school called "I <3 Photo Sticker!" but we call it "Cue" ;u; So many memories!

  2. this is such a cute post! love the photobooth :) xx


  3. I was going to ask like what's in irvine but I see now :)

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  4. Have you ever been to Round 1 in Puente Hills? It's a far drive, but it's a really cool place! It's like a japanese version of Dave & Busters. There's also karaoke and bowling. THE CLAW MACHINES ARE THE BEST!! So much rilakkuma<333 They also have a lot of those purikura booths. I really recommend going there if you're in the area and haven't yet!