My weekend! (photobook) + really old photos ♡

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My outfit:
Dress ♥ F21
Shoes  Romwe
Socks  Cotton on
Bag American Apparel 

This weekend my boyfriend and I decided to go on tons of adventures! Over summer we're going to start going to a bunch of new places. As always, I had to take some disposable cameras with me. They're my fave! I hope you guys enjoy coming along with us on our adventures ^o^... via photos of course.

The first place we wanted to go to was this really cool spirituality science center, but it was closed... wah! we're going to back sometime this week though. The outside of the building was really cool!

After we got some ice cream and relaxed in the car for a little bit before going off to our next adventure. Look at my boyfriends hand.. what a werido.

Cotton candy + black cherry =  YUMM 

We ended up going to this really cool suspension bridge. My boyfriend is really scared of heights so it was so funny watching him get all scared... heheh. 

We found a lizard! We named him slippy. 

me being the troll of the bridge 

After, the bridge we went to this national park place that had a really cool dam with tons of cool things to explore. 

I wanted to go across this so bad but my boyfriend didn't let me ; - ;

I made John and I little snack boxes like this! 

There were some people fishing the cute little fishies and it made me sad ; - ;

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My outfit:
Everything  Modcloth 

We went to this healthy breakfast food place called Naked cafe and oh my god, it was great! 

I worked all day on Saturday so we didn't get to go anywhere but on Sunday we went out again, this time to a lighthouse near the beach!

There were a bunch of huge rocks at this beach! I wish I could have gotten up there but I was wearing a dress!

I got on a tiny rock instead. 

The light house looks so pretty from the outside but when I went inside I got anxiety because it was so tiny in there.. :c

All the little baby sail boats!

I told my boyfriend that this little cave is going to be our home if we ever became homeless.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

So I found an old camera my boyfriend and I had when we first stared dating and it has a bunch of old photos on it! Here are some of them: 

Why did my boyfriend take this picture ; - ; me without makeup though.. 

Omg, my hair looks so much healthier black! I want to go lighter soon (again) though! 


  1. The pictures are too cute! what brand of disposable camera did you use?

  2. This made me want to start taking pictures with disposable cameras, Ha!

  3. Have you ever heard of geocaching? I feel like it's something you and your boyfriend would enjoy doing :) It's like going on adventures and treasure hunting and there's always club meetings to share stories! My boyfriend and I just joined and it's a great way to explore and find new places.

  4. your Sunday outfit were really cute ;)

  5. you look so beautiful with and without makeup!

  6. Hi Guys, hope you all are fine and good. thanks for the very nice post, just love it everything here. This is my first time on your blog and am just stuck here from last 15 minutes great work.

  7. Superb blog. Really like all the images and your funny pictures.