My skincare routine ♡

I wanted to post an updated skincare routine because I use a whole bunch of new things! If you want any reviews on any particular things in this post, just let me know! This is my night skincare routine, by the way 

 Angels on bare skin - After I take off my makeup.
 Ocean salt- every other day.
 Thayers rose petal witch hazel - I apply this with a cotton ball after cleaning my face with angels on bare skin. 
♥ Pure aloe vera - I apply this with a cotton ball after the witch hazel. 
 Tea tree oil- When I have a pimple I apply this on it with a cotton swab.
♥ Rose hip seed oil- I apply this with a cotton ball all over my face.
♥ Grease lightening- I apply this on breakouts when I have them.

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  1. In the mornings do just use the Angels on Bare Skin again?

  2. Loved this post!
    But just a little advise, instead of using cotton balls try using the disks! They absorb less liquid and apply the same amount on your face :)

    Also, when a pimple appears on my face I apply tooth paste to dry it out! It works really well and I try leaving it on as long as I can (usually before I go to bed so it works its magic during the night!)

    I absolutely love your blog! xxo
    love from Portugal <3

  3. you should do a give away with this stuff ! <3

  4. we are thinking of purchasing the grease lightning. does it really do what ipromises?

  5. You should make a post discussing what each of these do for your skin :3
    - boohoolindalieu