My birthday wish list ♡

My birthday is on June 2, which is super soon! I never really know what I want for my birthday so I thought i'd make a little wish list, because making wish lists are fun! I don't really know what i'm doing for my birthday yet.. but hopefully I find some plans soon! 

 Taco wallet from Fredflare.
 Reusable fruit cup from Fredflare.
 Lace dress from Urban outfitters .
♥ I got important cat s*** to do tote from Urbanoutfiters.
5 ♥ Finn and Jake plush toys from Thinkgeek.
 Pink head wrap from Urbanoutfitters.
 Glittery pink body jewelry from unknown.
8 ♥ Ocarina from Thinkgeek.
♥ Anything from Lush.
10 ♥ Lavender circle skirt from Urbanoutfitters.
11  Anything from Lululemon .
12  Brown bag from Fredflare.
13  Ipad mini from Apple.
14  Marc Jacobs watch from Marc jacobs.
15  Daisy perfume from Marc jacobs .
&&  Any gift cards from Sephora, Victorias secret, Lush, Target, or ikea.

Also for my birthday I really want to go to Disneyland and or pet a baby seal. Those are my top priorities in life. If I ever pet/ held a baby seal i'd probably poop myself (in a good way) and disneyland is great too because I haven't gone in such a long time! Hopefully I get the days off from work so I can go! By the way, this June 2 I will be turning 20... Such a sad age ; - ; I will no longer be a ~teenager~ although, I still feel like i'm fourteen.

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  1. Love the MJ watch!

    That baby seal is MINE!

  2. I have the ocarina! It's a lot cheaper on Amazon than ThinkGeek... they tend to jack up the prices :/
    I got it as a gift for my boyfriend because he's a musician, and he loved it! The one I got came with sheet music :)

  3. Lovley birthday wish list :D The Finn and Jake plush is so cute x3