My beauty diary face mask review ♡

This post is going to be on the my beauty diary strawberry yogurt mask. I got this about two months ago and have used it three times! The packaging is really cute and it smells exactly like strawberry yogurt. If you are sensitive to smells or products that smell then I wouldn't recommend this for you. You can buy this on ebay one by one, or in boxes. Each box has 10. 

The reason I bought this was because I adore their black pearl mask. I love that mask so much! I'm out right now, but when I buy some more I can do a blog post on that one if you guys would like. 

This particular mask is supposed to help moisturize your skin. When you open the package you can tell it has tons of serum. It basically drips out when you take it out. Which is a good thing! Because even when the mask is done with theres still tons of serum at the bottom of the packaging. 

This is what the mask looks like itself! Pretty scary looking! Its funny looking at yourself when you have this on! The nose, and mouth are pretty big on me so I just fold them back. Everything else is fine!  

 ♥ Pros 
Smells nice
Cute packaging 

 ♥ Cons  
Broke me out
Can only buy on ebay

Overall I would give this a product a 3/5. I'm going to try this again and see if it breaks me out. I really want to love this because of how amazing it smells! If you love face masks this is one you should try! 

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  1. They have it online at walmart but it's prolly more expensive :c

  2. I've tried this mask before and loved it! It didn't break me out or anything and I love the smell! I also like the black pearl mask too!

  3. I love the my beauty diary masks. I buy them from the Chinese grocery store, but I bought a big pack of them while I was in China. Are you sure they actually broke you out? Because I have super sensitive skin and they're fine for me :).

    You should try the honey one. It smells so good!

  4. Make sure that the mask isnt fake or expired! That could cause the breakout! I buy it from this store at this mall near me!