Mother's day haul ♡

So today I went down by the beach with my mom and she insisted that we went on a little shopping trip, so we did! I was so excited because we went to lululemon which is one of my totes fave stores right now, it sucks that its so expensive though... but so cute! 

The first couple of things I got were some plain tanks to wear to the gym. Its getting really hot outside here in California so I needed some lightweight tanks. These are super soft!

They had a ton of water bottles there and I loved this one cause it says "You're swell" on it cause... you know.. waves?! Swell?! You get it?? But it wasn't until after we paid for it that we saw that was almost twenty dollars! It was final sale so i'm stuck with him now. Not that I mind, hehehe.

This was my favorite purchase today. I have a little obsession with sports bras and mint is one of my favorite colors so I had to have it. I love how the back is cut and it has removable padding! Score!

The last thing I got from lulu, is this sheer water resistant jacket. I absolutely fell in love with this, and had to have it. It was on sale too!

Lastly I went to a couple random stores by the beach and found these cute little gems! I've always wanted a see through lacy shirt like this and i'm glad this one was so cheap! Both of these things were only ten dollars. The skirt is really lush as well!

Last thing I got were these running capris, i love the details all over the top. It also has little zippers on the butt (hehehe) so you can put your house key when you go running. 

Lastly we went to target and I got a couple of beauty products! I got more foundation, makeup removing wipes, and an eye mask because my eyes have been puffy lately. 

I picked up this little 100% tea tree because I ran out of my lush spot treatment and a lot of people have told me using just straight up tea tree is amazing for your skin, could you guys give me your comments about it?! I've also heard its good for piercings!

I got a new facewash too, because my lush one ran out (waiting for my order in the mail) and I wanted to try something new, how do you guys like this one?! It smells so good so i'm hoping its great!

I hope you guys had an amazing Mother's day! Give all ur mommas hugs for me! 

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  1. I use tea tree oil for my piercings because I ran out of the solution for it, and I think it works better :)
    For acne, of course salycic acid or benzoyl would work faster, but I think 100% tea tree oil is better because of its natural content!
    Also I really adore all your work out attire Jasmine! That sports bra is super cute!!!!

  2. Do you know of any ebay sellers that sell cheap work out attire? :3

  3. Hi April! Just a warning, dont get tea tree oil around your eyes because it happened to me, and the area got extremely irritated and swollen! :(... :)

  4. I used tea oil or something from clinique those samples they give out. I like those. But other than that I assume they make the skin nice without irritation. Good Blog.

  5. Can you check out my blog post all about tea tree oil? It was my latest post c:

  6. aw all the things you bought are so cute! love them xx

  7. The sheer jacket looks pretty :3