All about me, my life, and my friends ♡

Hi everybody, lots of people are always asking me about my life and the things I do, so after putting this off for the longest time ever... I decided to do it! A lot of you know me as Jasmine blu, but my name is actually April. To be honest, I don't exactly know why I started going by Jasmine instead of April online. Although, Jasmine blu is my middle name! It just sort of happened I suppose. People I know in real life all call me April though! I was born in Santa Monica, California. I currently have four jobs, I work at a ice cream shop in my town (I think i'm going to quit soon though..) ,I am a photographer at sea world (official in one day!), I am a wholesale manager for Stay cute aka Tokyo hardcore, and i'm starting up a t shirt line with a friend. I'm currently not in school, but i'm going to next semester. I plan on majoring in interior design, and although i'm going to major in that, I actually want to be a wedding photographer one day. I figure that I don't want to waste years of my life on something I can learn myself hands on. Speaking of photography, I got into photography when I was in 6th/7th grade and when I was in 9th grade I bought my first DSLR and fell in love. I actually adore photography with all my heart but i've recently stopped because my camera broke, and I can't really afford to be fixing an outdated camera right now. I thought it would just make more sense to buy a new one when I start school and take some classes. 

My mom and dad, ever since I can remember have never been together so their divorce didn't bother me much as a child (that I can remember at least) and my dad is still apart of my life today and I talk to him about once or twice a week but see him rarely because of work. The last time I saw him was on christmas, and he took me to see the rise of the guardians! Anyways, my mom has always, always been a huge part of my life. She's a really big inspiration to me. She came to America illegaly all the way from Brazil and got caught, still didn't give up and came back again and got her citizenship and went through hell and back to get it to give my brother and I a better life. Her adventure getting her was... intense. I'm actually kind of scared to even ask her about it. But i'm glad she's safe, and she's here. My mom came to America knowing no english whatsoever, and had no place to stay at all. She taught herself everything she knows and i'm really proud of her. I don't know what I would do without her, honestly. I recently got a tattoo in honor of her, two sunflowers wrapped up in a bow symbolizing her and I. She used to call me her little sunflower when I was younger. 

Growing up I was a really big tomboy. I hated anything pink, I hated wearing dresses, I hated anything that was "girly" I was this way up until 7th grade actually. When I was younger I was always in speech classes because I have a speech impediment that i'm super self conscious about. I was teased all throughout elementary school because there was this teacher that would come into the class looking for me to take me to my class and everyone knew what it was and made fun of me. It was pretty terrible and I hated it. I had little friends all throughout 1st-5th grade. After elementary school I moved to Temecula, California where I spent my 6th-8th grade. It was pretty fun. I had friends, we did things. It was cool! I was dating this guy for like two years and we didn't even hold hands. I remember we broke up for some reason and I was so mad about it. Around the same time it was the summer of 8th grade and my mom was talking about moving back to San Diego and I was like wow f this dumb boy i'm leaving! So, I agreed to want to move over a guy... in 8th grade... we never even held hands.. you can't tell me thats not funny! 

When I got to high school I was terrified because I didn't know anybody but eventually I got over it and from scattering from different groups of people I met Damian (top left) we met in a P.E class my sophomore year and we've pretty much been best friends ever since. He's literally the male version of me, and its great. All throughout high school he was the only person I felt like I could tell anything to and he wouldn't judge me. He helped me through a lot of tough times in my life and i'm super glad we're still as tight as ever. He helped me get over dumb guys just by saying bad things about them to me like "hes a poop brain" and after seeing him go through so many heartbreaks i'm so happy that he's dating the girl of his dreams, and my friend, a lovely girl named Alisha. I met my other best friend Danny (top right) from my ex boyfriend, I was buying my ex a ticket for Danny's bands show and he told me I was a good girlfriend. I would always poke him until we started texting and that turned into us annoying each other every day aka best friend love. He's literally been there for me through everything and hes the only person I can use as my human punching bag. Although, i'm not a moody teenager anymore so I don't abuse him anymore *sorry Danny* I love you! and then there's Paola, Paola is literally the only girl best friend i've ever had in my life. We talk about cute boys, get our nails done, go to cute places, take selfies, and eat lots of food together. During high school we spent so much time together that my mom said that we were basically sisters, so we started calling each other seesters. Which i'm 99% sure is annoying to everyone but WHATEVER! Her and I have done so many cool things together and grown so much as people that it's crazy. We can go days without speaking and when we see each other it's like the conversation never ended. She's the only girl who could ever, ever stand me. I'm pretty sure. Last but not least, there is John, aka Sloth. We met on myspace and went to the same school, and we had a math class in the same building. One day I was just minding my own business and I feel a poke (a hard one at that..) and it was him! We hugged, and we went on our way. I actually used to think he was such a big tool back in the day! Sloth and I have changed so much in the past five years but its crazy how we can't stay away from one another. We've broken up, saw other people, you know.. the whole high school thing and now we're together and i've honestly never been happier in my whole life. Without these four people, I have no idea where I would be in my life. Probably in a corner crying because i'm needy. 

So during high school I started blogging, and using the internet more actively. While on tumblr, I started gaining lots and lots of followers and honestly, truly I don't know why. Maybe its because I used to be one of those ~witty~ bitchy people on tumblr, or maybe it was because I posted like five million selfies a day. I really don't know. But somewhere along the line I hit the 10,000 follower mark and I was like wow, whats happening? People over the internet started watching my every move and treated me differently. People started expressing their hate towards me and I couldn't understand why. During this time, I was going through a really hard breakup with a guy I was dating for two years (my first serious relationship) and I was full of sadness, hate, and just pure evil. I hated anything happy. I hated pretty much everything. For five months I could barely eat. I got down to 90 pounds. Not because I was starving myself, but because just the thought of food made me feel sick. I remember wanting to eat so bad and my mom made me a bacon and eggs and I could smell it from my room and the smell alone literally made me throw up. It was so sad. But, with time everything got better. But I was still full of hate. I used to blog such sad, sad things all the time. What people would say to me online would honestly hurt my feelings so much I would cry because I didn't understand how someone would want me to die, just over barely knowing me on the internet. After some time, I reached 50,000 followers and there was thousands and thousands of people who were so nice to me. People who didn't know me at all, who we're beautiful towards me. It helped me so much, and those people who have been following me for so many years are real troopers to not hate me by now! Like I said earlier, about being really depressed, because I was depressed I would never ever try in school because I just hated life in general. This caused me to fail basically a whole year. Which caused me not to walk with my class. But I did graduate high school. Just a year late (heh) 

And after all the madness here I am! Still standing five foot four tall. After all the phases, all the depression, after everything i'm turning twenty in twenty one days, and thats so crazy to me. I feel like you guys have been there for me through it all! Probably because i've been bi**ing about my life online since I was thirteen. There are so many of you that reach out to me on a day to day basis just to ask me how i'm doing, and to leave me the sweetest messages. You all are honestly the world to me and have given me so many opportunities that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise like being in magazines and working for an amazing brand. I'm one hundred percent happy with my life right now and I don't think i've ever said that before. Of course, life has its ups and downs, and its not going to stay this great forever, and maybe not for long at all. But i'm soaking it up as long as I can! I am so much healthier, mentally and emotionally than I was a couple years ago and that means so much to me. My mind set is so colorful and positive all of the time. I'm always full of energy and i'm rarely upset or mad at all anymore. Wow, this was so much typing! I hope you guys enjoyed! Love you so much xoxo

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  1. That's adorable! I'm glad to see that you've grown as a person <3
    It must be funny to look back at your life and how the things that seem silly now were really big back then! But I guess that's growing up and you've become even lovelier~ I don't know if I should say congrats, or thank you for showing how things do end up changing for the better ;
    (also your bun hairstyle is so cute ! ! )

  2. Wow April, you're such a role model to me! I can't even start to explain how you inspire me everyday! I remember when you were just starting out and how different you are compared to today, I'm so proud of you! c:

  3. The part about your really hard break up almost made me cry because I'm going through the exact same thing. I can't eat, I can't sleep and it feels so hard to even be happy at all. But you're really a big inspiration to me so if you can get through it and meet someone amazing like Sloth, so can I ^.^ thanks so much Jasmine!<333

  4. <3_<3 you're such a role model to me! <3

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  6. I loves you jasmine! <3
    Btw I had no Idea you have a sibling (s)? ! you should make a post about them or him! :-)