Tony moly Broccoli sprout cream review ♡

Hey girls, I finally got my tony moly clean dew broccoli sprout cleansing cream in the mail and I thought i'd review it for all of you! I bought this off ebay for all of you who were wondering 

The packaging is absolutely adorable. I mean, just look at it! This is actually a makeup remover that works quite well. I used it for a past couple of nights and its really lovely.

This is what the actual product looks like on the inside. There are green micro beads that don't really do much at all. I don't ever feel them when i'm using the product. 

And heres the bottom, The shelf life of this product is 12 months so this will last you a long time! 

♥ Pros 
Smells nice
Makes your skin soft
Hasn't broken me out (yet)
Cute packaging 

♥ Cons 
I have to buy it on ebay
Leaves a lotiony feeling film on skin

All in all I would totally recommend this product to people who have been looking for a good makeup remover. I find that it removes my makeup pretty well and leaves my skin feeling really soft and nice. 


  1. That is so cute. Does it have a fragrance?

  2. Please do more Korean cosmetics reviews like these :3

  3. I really really wish Tony Moly was here in Malaysia!! The only sites that sell these products are "reseller" sites online that could very well sell counterfeit products and that's why I haven't bought any Tony Moly online. ): Sighh.

    Broccoli Cream sounds so cute though!! And p.s.? I think you're reallyreally pretty! (referencing your sidebar photo) Love your hair (:

  4. if you're interested there's a French website that sells Korean make-up: and it delivers internationally! I already ordered Etude House nail polish on it and it's perfect! (better that buying on eBay I think)

  5. I absolutely love Tony Moly products because of their packaging! I definitely feel like I wouldn't be able to find such cute makeup and skincare packaging in US brands :c