How to:Survive warped tour, and other outdoors festivals ♡

Can you believe that April is almost over? May is coming up and you know what that means! My birthday is coming up~! No i'm kidding (but it really is) Summer is almost here! Tons of music festivals and fairs are just around the corner. My summer favorite is warped tour. I've been going to warped tour for the past five/six years so I like to think I know a little something. This guide can be used for any outdoors activity, really... so its not really JUST limited to a music festivals.

Wear something comfortable
I seriously cannot stress this enough. I feel like this is the most important thing. Wear whats comfortable to you! To me, i'm most comfortable in skirts and dresses and thats not always super convenient if theres going to be people all around me so i'd either go for shorts under my dress or wearing shorts. If you're going to be outside where it's hot i'd recommend staying away from dark colors because you will attract the sun and get burnt! Nobody wants that... 

This is a perfect example outfit of something i'd wear!

♥ Crop top: Tokyo hardcore (Bathing suit top/ sports bra under)
♥ Shorts: Modcloth
♥ Backpack: Brandy Melville
♥ Shoes: Vans

Just incase you lose your friends...
If your city is anything like mine, when you're in a place where there is tons of people you're not going to have very good cell reception so don't even bother calling. Make a meet up spot with your friends incase one of you gets lost so if your phone dies, and all hope is lost then someone can come rescue you! Write all of your phone numbers on a piece of paper and keep it with you so you just incase you lose your phone or it dies you can text your friends from someone else's phone. When texting your friends include the time you are texting them IN the text because text messages WILL be laggy! 

Bring cash, and a lock!
All the vendors at warped tour (and other festivals) only accept cash and if there is an ATM machine they are charging ridiculous prices to get cash out so just save the trouble and leave the plastic at home and just bring cash! The lock is also important because if you are bringing a backpack you're going to want to lock all your important things up. Even though its going to be on your back the whole day.. you never know...

Go early 
Chances are there is going to be a line, you're going to want to go early so you get all the cool stuff first! Plus at warped tour some bands start playing right when it starts so if you're stuck at the back of the line you might miss someone! I know that warped tour does a little thing where if you bring two canned goods you get to stand in a different line thats always shorter. I'm not sure if thats only for California though.

Learn where everything is
Learn where bathrooms, water fountains, first aid tents, and stages are so you don't waste any time!

Water is seriously so important guys, if you're going to take anything from this post please remember to bring water! Most venues only allow you to bring one sealed water bottle so find out how big it can be and bring the biggest size you can because water at warped tour is literally 5 dollars for a regular sized bottle and they don't even give you the lid for it so you can't close it and reuse it at a water fountain (butt heads..) The San diego warped tour offers free cold water so if you bring a water bottle you can refill it! The lines aren't very long because there are about four of them. The warped tour where I live also has a water slide, so thats cool too! But don't drink that water.. I've also seen some warped tour's have fire trucks spraying water on people, I thought that was really cool! But I know some venues don't offer anything at all, so to be safe ALWAYS bring water! Girl I don't even care if you're not thirsty you better drink it. 

Staying safe in the crowd 
If you are unfamiliar with concerts or shows I wouldn't recommend you trying to wiggle your way to the front. Especially for a very popular band. People can be very, very vicious and will do anything to get closer to the front of the stage. Its kind of crazy really. If you're a tough cookie and you think you can do it then girl you wiggle your way to the front! But please be careful of your surroundings and try your best to stay with your friends! I don't want to scare you but i've seen girls passing out in the middle of crowds because of how dehydrated they were, how hot it was, and how many people were around them. Stay hydrated, be cautious of your surroundings, and don't be afraid to be a little rough. If someone pushes you to get the front don't be afraid to give them a little shove back. I've noticed that 

I love you guys so much I drew you a really terrible picture of how the crowd might look like. I broke it down for you in 5 sections:

1.) Section one is the stage
2.) Section two is probably the most crowded part, right next to the stage
3.) Section three is the (possible) mosh pit. If you're watching a hardcore band then this will probably happen and it usually happens around the middle of the crowd. This is the section you want to stay clear of if you're a new comer to shows and what not because you may get hit if you're not paying attention.
4.) Section four is the least crowded. Its more towards the back. 
5.) Section five is my favorite if i'm lazy to do anything. People tend to not go towards the edges ( i don't know why maybe its because you can't really see perfectly but whatever it doesn't bother me) There aren't many people here.

All crowds are different, but this is USUALLY how they end up if you're going to warped tour. 

Leave your fancy camera at home
Most venues don't let you bring DSLR cameras anyways. Stick with your phone! Most phones now a days have wonderful quality! Did you know I take ALL the photos on my blog with my iphone?! If you don't want to use your phone there are some fun alternatives: 

(My current obsession right now, they give a cool vintage look) 

What to bring in your bag/backback checklist
♥ Sealed water bottle
♥ Sunscreen
♥ Wallet with cash
♥ Your ticket
♥ List of phone numbers
♥ Phone charger
♥ A lock
♥ Camera (optional)
♥ Hair ties
♥ Bandaids
♥ A permanent marker
♥ Sunglasses
♥ Earplugs (if needed)
♥ Chapstick 
♥ Hand sanitizer  
♥ a list of bands you want to see and what times they are playing 

What not to bring:
♥ Sandals 
♥ Jewelry
♥ Anything expensive 
♥ Anything you don't want getting dirty
♥ Drugs (drugs are not even cute...)
♥ Foods or liquids that are not sealed 
♥ Knives/guns (obvi...)

And most importantly...
Have fun! There are tons of things to do at these things than JUST watch bands. At warped tour there are booths where you can meet new people and do things to get backstage passes or get a vip wristband to see some of your fave bands! Participate and have an amazing time. I've never gone to warped tour and had to deal with immature people. A lot of the people there are very open, and fun to be around! If you're going to the San diego warped tour be sure to say hey if you see me! 

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