How to deal with your period ♡

Hey girls! This post is going to be about, guess what! Periods, something we all hate right? Periods differ from woman to woman but something is still the same, it sucks! I'm going to show you some ways to make that time of the month go by a little easier for you. I hope this helps! 

You may be thinking, ew doing physical activity on my period?! Gross! But doing light exercise like going for a run, doing yoga, and even dancing in your room can help cramps and lighten your mood! I've noticed that my period actually goes away faster if I work out regularly before and during my period, but then again maybe thats just me. 

Heating pads/Hot showers
If you have really bad cramps or all around body pain you can purchase some heating pads to lay on your cramps or lower back to help the pain. Taking a nice hot shower can also help if you don't want to spend the money. Another thing you could do is heat up some water and put it in a water bottle that isn't too rough around the edges and you can rub it around your tummy and back for a little massage!

Take a day off
This doesn't really need an explanation. Take a day off from everything and relax because you deserve it!

Drinking chamomile tea, and caffeine free green tea will help LOTS! Chamomile tea is basically sleepy time tea and thats my favorite kind of tea ever! it makes me feel like a kitty is hugging my insides. If that even makes sense... Both these teas will help your insides feel better 

Don't take it too seriously
Some girls take their periods way too seriously, remember that every woman has it! Its natural. Don't be scared of admitting it.

Be prepared 
When you're younger your period might come at really random times so make sure you're always stocked up on your fave feminine products! always carry one or two in your bag when you're expecting it so you're not freaking out while you are at school or work. 

If you think something is wrong please see a doctor asap. If your period lasts longer than seven days make an appointment to see your doctor. If you just had your period for the first time, don't worry! It's something everybody goes through and it gets easier I promise!

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  1. it's NOT GOOD to do yoga on your period. it can mess up your reproductive stuff. i'm not sure about the specifics because i've just made sure to never do it, but my yoga program has all kinds of warnings on it saying not to do yoga on your period. i think it's just because of inverted poses, but i am not sure.

  2. Luckily, I don't get cramps. I only hate them because I have to worry about leaks and such...