All about my cotton bunny ♡


Hey girls! This is the post you've all been waiting for! I posted about this on tumblr and hundreds of you were asking me about this perfect subscription box. The my cotton bunny subscription box is for your period! Weird right?! But its SO perfect! The whole purpose of this box is to make your period a little more fun for you. I mean come on, everyone loves getting packages right??

My cotton bunny sends you a personalized box of tampons or pads, with the brand of your choice! Along with a few other goodies to make your period a little better for you. You might be thinking, well I can just go to the store and buy some tampons or whatever. But if you're like me you always forget. It seems like your period just kind of sneaks up on you and this is perfect because you have this cute little box coming to your door filled with goodies and feminine products to get you through your time of the month!

This is one of the cards that were in my box ^o^ 

I decided just to get regular tampons because you can never have enough tampons, right?

oh my god this stuff was SO good. I wish I knew where to buy it. It wasn't dark chocolate though. But I was happy it wasnt because I dont like dark chocolate!

and lastly, they sent this tote bag! This was supposed to be a "on the go" package so this is perfect. You could use this bag to go to the gym, go to school, or even just an everyday bag! It has the adorable little bunny tail on the front. 

So for $13.75 a month you get an adorable package made just for you to help you get through your period happy, and ready! I'm sold! Check out My cotton bunny to join today


  1. This is so cool and different!

  2. Oh my god, I think I'm gonna get this. =w=

  3. OH WOW!! I'm so so glad I stumbled upon your blog and came across this. Best. Idea. Ever!! Think I'll sign up in a month or so (cash is somewhat tight right now). Dark choc is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE!!! Gosh. I'm really quite excited!