Affordable deep conditioner review ♡

I went to walmart the other night (yes night it was like 1am...) and I was looking for a deep conditioner and I found this little gem for less than five dollars! I was a little skeptical but I opened it up and it smelt so nice, kind of like something I used and i said hey, why not! 

This is how it looks with four uses, which is REALLY good because I have super long/thick hair. I kid you not when I say I use about half the bottle when I use a regular shampoo/conditioner. Whenever I use deep conditioners I try and leave it on overnight and wash it out in the morning but with this one I couldnt because it made my hair look a little TOO shiny. I tried it again the next week and only left it in for four hours and it was perfect. It helped my split ends a lot and made my curls more defined and less frizzy. 

♥ Pros 
Smells nice
Helps reduce frizz
Can be used as a leave in conditioner 
Can be used as a deep conditioner 

♥ Cons 
Can become greasy
Might be hard to get

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  1. I used to use that stuff as a leave-in but it was so thick and left white residue on my hair :c at least you like it c:!

  2. If anybody can't find these, they're on ebay as well. <3

  3. This product is ideal for thick curly hair I would not recommend otherwise... shea butter is very heavy. This product is also great for detangling kinky hair :D. I've used it and know it works best when applied to damp hair in the shower.