Whats in my bag ♡

 Finally! The whats in my bag post tons of people have been asking for. I think the stuff I keep in my bag is really boring but hopefully some of you find it fun. 

This is the bag I use, I got it from modcloth not too long ago and I absolutely love it. It has a lot of space to put all the things you need to carry. I love the mint color, but when I wear mint, I have to change my bag so I don't look weird ; - ; 

Here are some more details of the things I carry in my bag. I keep a notebook just in case I need to write something down, a tide to go pen because I am the messiest eater ever, my phone, some makeup powder for touch ups, deodorant, bath and body works lotion and spray, hair ties/bobby pins, breath spray, gum, my keys, sunglasses, and some snacks!

I also recently bought some really cute penguin band aids from target, so i've been carrying those with me because recently i've been getting hurt a lot at work. I usually always carry my oracle cards with me too because I like reading peoples cards!

My boyfriend was looking through his childhood stuff and I saw a pokemon keychain so I had to steal it from him MWHAHAHA. I also have some lip products, and my iphone charger. 

and whenever I go out to my friends houses, or to my boyfriends house I take my laptop! I'm currently looking for a cute cover for it, but I have had no luck at all. But thats pretty much everything I keep in my bag with me at all times! I hope the people that wanted me to do this, enjoyed this and it wasn't too boring. I hope you all have a lovely sunday night. MUAH.


  1. I love these posts! Your phone case is so cute xo

  2. So much cute stuff! I love your headphones <3 Want them so bad but sadly they dont sell that color anymore :(

  3. Are you any good at reading? I used to read people a lot with my tarot cards, but I wasn't that good at it. Only once made a really good reading to my friend, she was a little scared after haha ^^.

    Xo CeeCee


  4. I like reading "What's in my bag" posts. ^^
    The sticker you have on your computer is so cute !

  5. all of your stuff are so cute!
    i'm wondering where did you get the rilakkuma sticker for your macbook? thanks & Have a nice day April~ (^^,)

  6. I love everything, it's all so cute!! Especially your sunglasses & your headphones!

  7. Your Rilakkuma sticker for your laptop is so cute awe! Lovely bits n bobs!

  8. Oooh, that laptop is sooo cute! :D I have to get that kind of sticker too :) Have a great day sweetie!<3

    xox, Selina

  9. Hey! please check out my blog! I'm new and it would be cool if you'd check it out! I also did a 'what's in my purse' post! thanks :)


  10. I have that same Baby lips!

    (included in my blog: clothes, diys, room decor, etc)

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