Springbreakers review ♡

Tonight I watched Springbreakers! I've been waiting to watch this movie for months ONLY because Vanessa hudgens who plays Candy, and Selena gomez who plays Faith are my girl crushes. James franco, Ashley benson, and Rachel korine are also in the movie. I went to watch this at Arc light cinemas in La jolla. Its one of those ~fancy~ movie theaters that don't have previews so it was really awkward sitting in there in the silence. But anyways, on to the movie review! 

May contain spoilers!!! 

The movie starts out with a cheesy dub step opening with boobs, literally girls naked shaking their boobs while guys pour beer on them. This goes on for about two awkward minutes. The whole plot is these four girls are in college in a place that they hate, spring break is coming up and they have been saving money since the beginning of the year but still don't have enough money to go to Florida so they decide to rob a restaurant to get the money. In the beginning of the movie they show Faith at a church group and at the end her two friends warn her about her friends being evil, but decides to go anyways. Since they have their money to go on spring break they go to Florida and tons and tons of montages of people partying, girls making out, boobs hanging out everywhere with dub step playing in the background. Literally, that probably makes up 50& of the movie. While the four girls are partying Candy is seen doing cocaine and the four of them get arrested. While in jail they are given the option to pay the fees or stay in jail for two more days. They obviously don't have the money so they decide they are going to have to stay in jail. Thats when James francos comes in, Alien. Alien sees them and bails them out. He is a drug dealer, rapper, and hustler. Faith couldn't handle the strangeness of everything and decides to go home. Selena gomez's role in the movie didn't last very long and she wasn't shown doing anything bad besides smoking weed. While shes gone the three other girls get really (sexually) close to Alien. I wont say the specific details. After getting shot by Aliens ex-bestfriend Cotty decides to go home too. This is when things turn to the worst when Candy and Brit are alone with Alien. They have a threesome and decide they need to kill gucci manes character Archie for shooting Cotty. On their way there Candy and Brit kill Alien, and kill basically everyone in Archies (apartment/house/hotel???) and the movie ends with the two of them driving away in Archies car.

So all in all, this was a terrible movie. The acting, the voice overs, everything about it was terrible. But I wanted to watch it because of Selena and Vanessa. So it was worth watching it to see both of them come out of their shells, but just a warning do not go watch this movie with high expectations! I feel like this movie could have came out a lot better. But it was worth the money, like i said. The only memorable person in the movie was Alien because he brought the only humor to the movie.

i only give it a 4 because I get to see my two girl crushes. 


  1. It sounds okay, not Oscar worthy most definitely Razzy worthy but maybe MTV Movie Award Worthy

  2. it got 70% from rotten tomatoes and I was really confused, its just boobs and guns tbh. but yeah vanessa and selena looked good and that was why i wanted to watch it, plus i thought it was interesting that it wasn't one of those typical girl movies it sounds like it might be. it was just ok at best though

  3. God that sounds terrible. But it seemed like just another movie glorifying partying so I wasn't really expecting much.

  4. Candy and Brit didn't kill Alien. There was a guy running towards them who shot Alien.

    Also, to the commenter above, it's not a glorified partying movie. It's marketed as a party movie, but there's a dark side to it that dives into a different viewpoint of Spring break and delves into murder. It's a pretty good concept, although it wasn't really executed well.

  5. I want to see this soo badly I love Selena and Vanessa :D
    Sofia x

  6. Well I'm glad I didn't try to go see this. o -o
    Especially with like my mom or something. ;A;

  7. Oh no I thought it would be a good movie :(

  8. Sounds terrible. Are they arrested while in their bikinis?

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!



  9. I feel like I'm the only person who enjoyed the movie. It might be due to my immense love for Harmony Korine. But the whole movie is supposed to be completely ridiculous because it's supposed to mimic a video game.

  10. Do u think the girls were planning on killing alien anyways?