New youtube channel! ♡

After months and months of saying im going to be starting a youtube channel "soon" the time has finally come *drum roll please* I MADE A YOUTUBE! ANNNDD.. I uploaded my first video today! I'm going to follow through with this channel, i'm really excited to be starting this journey with you guys! If you have any suggestions on what I should make videos on feel free to leave it as a comment on my very first video! 

*ps* the audio is off, my macbook is being silly. I'm looking into fixing that right now c:
Don't forget to subscribe so you're the first to know about my new videos! I'm not going to make a individual post for every video I upload to youtube because that would be annoying >.< I'm going to just add them to the ends of some posts so you know!


  1. would you mind making a tutorial kind of thing for blogspot some time? yours is just so cute ^^

  2. Naw your voice is so sweet!