Just a little update! ♡

Hi doll faces! I always feel like i'm gone for such a long time when I don't post for two or so days! I've missed you all dearly! I've been spending some time with my boyfriend and working. This weekend we visited sea world where I saw so many of my favorite animals! My favorite are arctic animals so I was really excited. I've also been tinychat(ing?) a lot! If you are unsure of what that is, its a webcaming service that allows people (Like you guys!) creep on me  watch me on your computer and leave me questions/comments or whatever. I want to do that more often so I can get more comfortable in front of the camera before I start my youtube account! Yes! Finally! A youtube account. I'm going to be making one very, very soon. I kinda want to make the tinychats a weekly thing at a certain time but i'm not sure when I should make them at :c 

Like i've said in the past, I just recently moved so all my mail/packages are all messed up :c I forward my mail to my new address but I keep having to call the post office and everything all messed up! My hot water even got shut off for a day because they got the bill late because the dumb post office isn't picking up my mail or somethin' :c But hopefully everything goes back to normal soon! I'm also in the process of opening my P.O box where you guys can write to me and i'll do my best to write back! 

Speaking of moving, I started decorating my room! I went to ikea the other night with my mom and she got me some super cute things (so nice of her ; u ;) I was so grateful! My room is finally coming together and I don't feel as lonely anymore. I felt lonely at first because my room was so big and empty (weenie status i kno ok) 

 Some pictures from the week!