Japanese bbq adventures ♡

So today I went to a Japanese bbq restaurant, and its different than the usual k- bbq place I go to. The korean bbq place I was planning to go to was really really packed. There must have been about fifty people outside (i'm not even kidding) so I ended up looking on yelp for some good places to eat and I came across Tsuruhashi J- bbq in Kearny mesa and it was one thousand times better than the k- bbq place.

My boyfriend and I ended up getting kobe and it was so amazing we ended up buying three orders of it >.< 

 This is how you cook the meat! If you've never been to a korean bbq or a Japanese bbq, this is what they have you do! They give you the meat you order and you cook it yourself. I think its really fun and inviting. Its one of my favorite kind of places to go to. 

Mmmm! Once it started cooking we were waiting for what felt like forever. We were really hungry! We checked three places and they were all super busy so we haven't eaten in a while. When the meat was sizzling it was so yummy smelling *u*

 And finally here it is on my plate. It was so amazing I wish I had some with me right now ; - ; 

After we ate, the really nice waitress brought us some amazing tea. I'm not sure what kind it was but wow, it was amazing and made the food in my stomach settle better. The service here was amazing. At the korean bbq place my boyfriend and I usually go to the service is terrible. We waited 30 minutes for a waiter to even come to us after we were seated once ; - ; its a little annoying because the only drinks they have there are canned and just ugh, but this place had amazing service, all the girls working there were really nice and helpful. If you live in San diego, or are visiting, you should go here! 

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  1. The cooked barbecue dish looks so delicious! I hope they do open a branch here in our country. :)