A very lush easter ♡

Doesn't everything look so yummy? I have all of this stuff sitting on my bedside table right now just soaking up all the smells (im probably going to get a headache or something) but oh my god I was so excited because everything is so cute like come on look at that carrot and tell me that isn't cute. 

Look how HUGE this is! Its bigger than my hand! You're supposed to crack it in half so its like two bath bombs in one. I'm really excited to use this one! I wanted to post this before Easter so you guys can see everything better and decide if you want to buy some stuff or not. Because sometimes I personally don't like buying things from lush unless i've seen someone elses pictures of it! 

Here are some more details! These two bubble bars are so cute. The one on the right is exactly like comforter but citrusy! It smells so good I almost don't want to use it. I'm happy I bought it online because its been sold out in the store where I live forever! I didn't know it was so popular! If you haven't gotten anything from the Easter collection YOU HAVE TO! It's so cute. 


  1. I'm dying to go up and purchase all thisss <3

    Btw, I love your blog so much! Been following it for a while now. I just started mine~

  2. Oh wow the giant egg looks so cool!
    I checked the website and oomg cutieee on the inside :33
    Ahh I want one :33