What I did this friday + a little haul! ♡

This was my outfit for friday night! The unicorn top is from Dropdead, the skirt is from asos, and my bag, and headband are from ebay. I was also wearing my kitty shoes from emandsprout! I ended up going to stacked (a hamburger place) with my boyfriend! It was super yummy. 

This was my boyfriend's hamburger that he ordered, I got the same thing but no bacon and on wheat bread! (mmmmmmm!) It's really cool that you order all your food on iPads!

waiting for my food super hungry ; - ;

Yay then I finally got my food, we ordered an appetizer but it didn't even get to us until after we got out food -___-* But anyways, after we ate we walked around the mall for a bit and I picked up a few things ^.^  I also went to the container store, and target! 

Sorry for the really sucky lighting, when its night time the lighting in my room sucks ; - ; but i'm really excited I found a mint cardi at h&m because the other day my mom had me go return something for her and she told me I could keep the store credit so I got this super cute cardi, I have almost every color in pastel now! I can't wait until spring.  I also got a super good deal on some mascara! I got two cover girl, lash blast's for $6.00! At my target they have this section at the end of the store where there is stuff in bulk and theres always some really good deals there! You should check it out! I got another babylips color, a vanilla candle, and some more condoner! If you want a review on the shampoo/conditioner im using right now just let me know!

I got these two clear acrylic containers from the container store. I was super excited because online these go for a lot! I wanted the drawers to store lip products, and the other to hold my makeup brushes!

When I was at target I asked my boyfriend to choose a color lipstick for me to buy because I couldn't pick and he picked out this one and its absolutely beautiful! If you guys want swatches just let me know ! You can also see my lush fresh face mask in cupcake! I got it for free because I turned in five empty tubs ^o^


  1. Review on the shampoo & conditioner you're using please :)