What I did for valentines day ♡

♥ This was my outfit for valentines day! My boyfriend surprised me with this gorgeous dress the day before and I was so happy it fit perfectly, and its vintage so its one of a kind! I also got my nails done with one of my bestfriends on the 13th, I haven't gotten my nails done in ages, probably over five years. They are acrylics and gel ^o^ The infinity ring is also a gift from john (my boyfriend) gave me for christmas. 

We ended up going to this really adorable italian food place in little italy! Since italian food is one of my favorite types of food ever, I was super excited The line was really long but it was worth the wait.

While you're waiting in line to go into the restaurant the line goes through a grocery store thats in the front, and when we were waiting i found this super cute olive oil (oyl) that was seriously so cute, I want to go back and buy it!

Some other stuff I saw while waiting in line, some breads and cookies ^o^ I also found some ice cream I want to go back and try. It was the cutest shade of pink.

(heh heh heh) sneaking pictures of john while we were waiting in line~ 

When we finally sat down I was so interested in all the bottles hanging from the ceiling, I was so sad to find out they're wine bottles because i'm not old enough to get one yet ; - ; ONE MORE YEAR! Mark my words wine bottles hanging from the ceiling.. I will be back for you..

When we were waiting for our food I made him take pictures so I could blog for you guys~ This is the face he made ^o^

And this was our food! This is the greasiest thing I have had in a really, really long time but oh my goodness was it amazing. I couldn't even finish it all! Thinking about it makes my mouth water u___u. If you live in San diego, or are visiting san diego I would totally recommend going to Filippi's :3

THIS WAS MY FACE AFTER I FINISHED MY FOOD. I felt like I was gonna explode, but it was a  nice explode like wow I wanna eat so much even tho I feel like dying! I bet you all know that feeling.

And of course, for the gift giving! This was my valentines day present for my boyfriend! The bear is from Loveislame, the card is from etsy, and the candy is from target! I also totes forgot to take a picture of the super cute bag I put everything in but it was a babyshower bag (i dont know ok don't judge me it was cute) IT HAD A CUTE GIRAFFE ON IT!

Ahhh, and John got me some lovely pink roses (I nearly cried/fainted/pooped) I was so excited. Hes the only guy whose ever got me flowers ; u ; it also matches my dress (what a savvy smart man right?) and he says I have something else coming in the mail... hmmmm... 

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day, single, taken, sad, happy you should take the time to appreciate everyone around you every day! I had a wonderful day and its actually the only time i've ever done something for valentine's day and I couldn't ask for anything more! Muuuuuah! 


  1. Those flowers are lovely & I love that bear it's so funny! Glad you enjoyed your day so much c:

  2. Your blog is sooo cute! :D Aww the dress is gorgeous and I lovee the ring! ^-^ You and your boyfriend are so cute and that meal looks delicious! :O Im half Italian so I love Italian food!:D You are sooo pretty!
    Cant wait for more post from your blog!
    Sofia x

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