Want good makeup for cheap?! ♡

Coastal Scents is a really unappreciated brand, I feel and I wanted to share it with you guys! Basically Coastal scents sells makeup and brushes! I religiously use their eye brightener, i've featured that in one or two of my monthly favorites before, if you're new to my blog, i'll include that in this post. My motivation for this post was the fact that they are having a really amazing sale. I've found that a lot of my readers are newbies to makeup (not all so please don't yell at me ; - ;) and when you're new to makeup you don't really want to drop tons of money on it. So, with all of that being said, I felt like sharing this with you all would be perfect! Even if you aren't new to makeup all of the products i'll be sharing with you guys are amazing! I'll add a little * to the products I own myself.
 88 Original palette  ♥ *
88 eyeshadows for $10?! THATS AMAZING RIGHT?! I have this myself and these colors are amazing. Obviously I don't use all of these colors but its amazing to have because there are natural every day colors plus, some cute crazier colors to use just incase you have somewhere fun to go! I always wanted a huge palette like this because when I have an event to go to I never have the colors I want or need. This does the job perfectly. I often use the far lefts first row, and the far rights first and second rows. 
Basically the same as the first palette but this set is shimmery. I actually want this one really bad!

 10 Blush palette 
I really adore the first, third, and sixth color. I really am fighting myself to buy this right now. The pink shades would look absolutely flawless on every skin tone! The two orangey colors would look really pretty in the summer too!
 32 lip palette  
I think this is really good for people who aren't familiar with lipsticks. There are some really simple reds/pinks that you could start out with, and play around with!

♥ Bright eyed *
This is one of my favorite makeup items hands down. It lasts forever (literally lasted me a year) it really brightens up your whole eye area! 

If you've never heard of color correcting concealer then let me know in the comments and ill let you guys know more about it! But i've heard so many good things about this and the green is perfect for acne scarring!


  1. *0* I always see girls using the eyeshadow pallet on youtube but I don't know the brand.
    Thank you *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

  2. THIS IS THE POST I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR. * 3 * You really can't beat the price, I think it's insane how people pay $100 for a palette full of really loud colors they won't even use much daily???

    Are the eyeshadow colors really pigmented btw? Show up nicely? I have a cheapy eyeshadow palette too which comes out really well but I know not all are like that. ;--;


  3. What actually is a colour corrector? :c such a cute review, I'm looking to buy a couple of the things now!

  4. Does the eye brightener help with dark circles under your eyes? I think I might get the shimmer palette! :3

  5. OMG everything looks soo amazing! And such good value :o I shall definately think about buying something from there probably the eye bright! :D
    Thankyou soooo much for sharing this! :)x
    Sofia x

  6. Can you talk more about the color correcting concealer please?

  7. yes please make a post on the correcting concealer! c:

  8. Is it applicable for hypo sensitive skin too? because I have a very sensitive skin and easily get rashes.