Shop spotlight: Pink sugar ♡

This shop, Pink sugar, is so adorable that I have to let you guys know about it! I've known of miss lexi for a while now and i've even purchased a super cute skirt from her in the past. This is not a sponsored post at all by the way! Lexi makes really cute custom designs that fit perfectly for fairy kei (my favorite~) 

This white bralette is so cute! I can't wait to order one for myself. I kind of want to wear it to comic con this year! It would look really cute with a circle skirt with a pastel cardi over it. I've been meaning to write about the pink life, now pink sugar for literally months now, and I just now finally got around to it. Since spring is coming up, I figured it was the perfect time to share some cute pastel clothes with you!
You can check out pink sugar, here