Now selling ad space! ♡

A couple of days ago I tweeted about selling adspace on my blog and surprisingly enough I got a lot of email back asking when i'll be doing it and how I will be doing it. So I thought i'd make a whole post dedicated to it. First and foremost to all my readers and potential ad placers, I will NOT be doing any business with a company/blog/shop that I do not agree with. If I am compensated to review an item it will be my 100% honest opinion, no if ands or buts! You cannot buy my opinion. With that out of the way, we can get down to business! In the past I have declined offers to place other bloggers ad's on my sites, but now I will!

To my readers 
I love all of you dearly and I will never lie to you about my opinion on a item. I will never bombard you with random ads all over my blog. Never ever! I promise! All ad's will be placed neatly in a scroll box to you to look around if you wish to. This blog will always remain SFW (safe for work) In other words, G-PG13 rated. I will never place links on my blog that will direct you to any website that shows adult content. I will always let you guys know if the post I am writing was sponsored or not by tagging it with "sponsored".

♥ Shop owners 
If you are a shop owner and would like to talk to me about reviewing one or more of your products please send me an email at: As of right now, I will not be becoming affiliates with any other shops. Sorry, but I am content with the stores I currently have. They are shops I back up 100%. If we work together more than a couple of times, then becoming affiliates will be considered. 
***Please keep in mind that my readers range from 13-25 (internationally) so I will not review any adult content or any clothing/accessories/anything really with illegal substances on it. 

♥ Blog owners 
If you would like to buy ad space, you are more than welcome to! The only option up for blog owners is ad space, I will not be becoming affiliates with any blogs.
***Please keep in mind that my readers range from 13-25 (internationally) so I will not place an ad for a blog that contains any adult content in it.

♥ Blog's stats and information about my other social networking sites 

As of 2/13/13 my blog has 567,000 views (this changes daily) 
I average about 4,000 unique page views a day.
 Last month, 1/13 I averaged 138, 647 unique page views. 
My blog is popular in: United states, Canada, United kingdom, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, and Australia (in that order)

As of 10/20/13 my tumblr has 101,897 followers.
As of 10/20/13 my twitter  has 10,300 followers. 
As of 10/20/13 my instagram has 24,458 followers.
As of 2/13/13 my facebook has 4,772 followers. 
(these numbers will be updated monthly) 

♥ Pricing for ad space 

$15 for 1 month
$35 for 4 months
$55 for 8 months 
$75 for 1 year (12 months)
$100 for FOREVER!!!!

*This is non refundable if you plan to withdraw from having your ad space on my blog before your time is up. If you choose to pay for ad space on my blog for good, this is also nonrefundable. If your business/blog goes out of business/changes websites/changes names please let me know ASAP via email. If you pay for ad space with me please provide a image to represent your blog/website with (this will be a click through to your website) All payments must be made through paypal. If you have inquiries or questions please contact me via email at 


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