Music spotlight: Nights ♡

Nights is a brand new band with the former members of forever ends now. They are all super close friends of mine who are extremely talented. They are often compared to: Bring me the horizon, Of mice & men, and Memphis may fire! Here is their bio taken from facebook: Nights is the newest band to hit the scene, storming in from Southern California, and is made up of former members from Forever Ends Now. The band is quickly making a name for themselves from having their first show with Memphis May Fire, and hype on various social networking sites. Through their music, they bring high energy and inspiration to their fans through evoking the doubts and fears of one's goals and dreams, by ensuring their fans that life is about overcoming those challenges by making every moment in life worth living. Nights is promising to have a crowd pleasing performance that will make the fans come begging back for more. The band has big plans for 2013 and are expected in ensuring that people will never forget their name. They're from San Diego, but play shows all around California, and who knows, maybe even state wide! Maybe you'll even catch me lingering around their shows.

Here is their newest single called "Define your worth" You can buy it on itunes, too! They recently just played their first show as nights with Memphis may fire. They are currently saving up for tour so buying their single on itunes will help them out a lot. I really enjoy Nights, and I hope you do too! You can like their facebook page here 

(kitty gif because of reasons) 

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  1. Oooo! A new band I can listen to. ♥ Thanks for sharing.

    The kitty gif is so funny. Hehe.

    Abigail ♥

  2. Gave them a listen and these guys are way better than I expected, will keep an eye out for their music from now on :)