How to have a positive mind set ♡

I know its really hard to be positive when things are really rough but i'm going to do my best to help you out! These are some ways I myself stay positive, and how i've seen others stay positive. 

♥ Begin each day with a positive thought  
Even if yesterday was the worst day ever in existence, today is a while new day filled with new opportunities! Take it as another chance. If you're feeling down say something to yourself as a little pick me up, it really works!

♥ Smile more 
Its really simple, but probably the most effective way. If you're not one to smile very often, you should try it! Smiling releases chemicals in your brain that actually make you feel happy (even if you aren't) so next time you're feeling a bit down, smile for about 15 seconds and think of something that makes you really happy, you'll feel better. 

♥ Do a good deed 
It can be as simple as smiling at a stranger and opening the door for them, saying "have a nice day" to someone who was charging you, or leaving a tip. If you make others feel good, you will too.

♥ Learn to be alone 
Being alone can be scary, if you're not used to being alone or if you just flat out hate it, its annoying and can get you feeling pretty sad. But, you should learn to adore being alone and spending time with yourself, I mean... you are your own bestfriend! You have to learn to live with yourself ~FOREVER!!!  (mwahahaha) So you might as well learn to love it! Being alone can be really fun because you can do things that you've always wanted to do without the judgement of others. You can read books, do yoga, try on outfits, watch movies, sleep, take a bath, make an amazing dinner, and so much more! 

♥ Get over it, literally 
If you've been holding a grudge, or someone is mad at you, forgive and ask to be forgiven. Don't waste your time being mad over something (that is probably) silly. Usually my rule of thumb is, if i'm not going to remember why i'm mad at you right now 5 years from now, then it doesn't matter. Asking to be forgiven is also a big thing because so many of us are so hard headed that when we do something wrong we try to pass it off as something that wasn't in our own faults. Just do it, ask the person who (probably) loves you a whole bunch to forgive you!

♥ Enjoy the world around you 
You don't need to live in a picture perfect city to love where you are and appreciate the world around you. When i'm sad, I like to look up at the sky and remember how tiny we really are and how i'm so much better than whats bothering me. I realized how beautiful the world really was when I was depressed a few years ago. I didn't really have many friends so I would walk around to places a lot and just walking around with no where to go, listening to the birds, seeing all the little insects, everything thats so innocent to the world made me realize that i'm being selfish over the materialistic things around me. If you haven't gone on a walk lately, do it, and leave your iphone at home. 

♥ Have a genuine conversation 
When was the last time you actually talked to someone? Most of the time in conversation, the other person isn't really listening, just waiting for their turn to speak. It's a harsh reality but its true, and we are all suspect to do it! Strike up a real conversation with someone and be interested in what they're saying. Who knows? Maybe that person really needed someone to talk to and you actually listening to them is what they really needed.

♥ Stop asking for things 
When you want something, you'll never get it. Its when you stop looking, when you get it. Personally, I believe in this a lot. But ONLY with emotions like, love and happiness. Stop tweeting, tumblr(erring?), and facebooking about how lonely/sad you are and embrace what you have and find your own happiness. I swear its amazing what will happen to you when you least expect it! Its amazing.

♥ Listen to happy music 
Here are some songs I listen to when im super happy!
Avril Lavigne- Smile
Avril Lavigne- What the hell
Kayne west- Good life
The wonder years- 'Bout to get fruit punched homie
The wonder years- Came out swinging
(The band the wonder years were my inspiration for my "head above water" tattoo behind my ear~)
Bright eyes- First day of my life
Man overboard- Love your friends, die laughing
Man overboard- Dead end dreams
Blink 182- Whats my age again?
Blink 182- All the small things
Blink 182- Feeling this
Kyary pamyu pamyu- PONPONPON
Hyuna- Bubble pop
(aaaaand so many more but I dont wanna bore you!)

♥ Its up to you, it really is 
If you want to be happy, then be happy. Don't say you can't! If you want to live your life with a positive mind set then you can. Your brain is YOUR brain after all. You can make it do whatever you want and if being positive is what you really want then you can do it, I believe in you c: End each night with a positive thought, never go to sleep mad, Start each morning with a positive thought, and you will be set. A positive mind leads to better choices, better choices lead to a healthier lifestyle and a healthier lifestyle means overall body, mind, and spirit health. I love you guys a lot, and I really hope some of you start getting happy!