How to fall asleep faster ♡

I, like many others have problems sleeping. Not because there is actually something wrong with me, but because my sleeping schedule is messed up. This post is going to be directed towards those of you who need some help at night falling asleep wheather it be because you have insomnia, or because you simply have trouble getting off the computer at night.

A lot of people get the misconception that thinking stops you from sleeping, when it actually doesn't! Going into a deep thought and letting your mind wander helps you fall asleep. Have you ever been laying in bed and found yourself thinking about silly things all the sudden? Thats you falling asleep. Try thinking about good things, like what you'd like to get accomplished the next day. Something you're excited for, an outfit you'd like to wear, your ideal house/job/life.

 Sleepy time tea  
I swear by this tea by Celestial. Its actually one of my favorite teas ever. It calms me down so much. I drink it when I really want to fall asleep, or when i'm sad (heh heh heh ; - ; ) Sleepy time tea is a herbal tea so its good for you too! I drink about 1-2 cups of this a day. Writing about it makes me want a cup right now! I've seen this brand of tea sold at a lot of stores like target, walmart, whole foods, and sprouts so i'm pretty sure you can find some near you! If this brand doesn't tickle your fancy like it does mine, a lot of different brands of tea sell "sleepy time tea" so try some out and find one you like!

 Take a bath  
A lot of people seem to think baths are childish and disregard them but they really are a treat! Filling the tub up with hot water and laying in it really makes me feel so sleepy. In my opinion it feels like a huge blanket is hugging you! I find that taking bubble baths are exceptionally amazing for falling asleep. If you could find something with a lavender/vanilla scent, thats even better.

 Create a comfortable enviorment  
If you feel dirty, if your room is dirty, and the air quality is bad then you wont be able to sleep as well. Don't ever sleep without taking a shower! My mom always taught me to shower at night instead of in the morning because its so much easier to sleep if you've showered. When I don't shower at night (ewww smelly) I don't sleep very well.  Leave your window open during the day to flush all the stuffy air out of your room to make way for fresh air. Try not to sleep in a cold room, sleeping in a cold room can put off sleeping because us humans sleep better in a warm room! (not true for everyone I find. I like sleeping in a semi cold room with tons of blankies~) 

  Work out during the day  
Working out during the day, or doing something to tire yourself out will help you sleep better because you've burned off all your energy! And working out is always good for you too.

 Sleep in comfortable clothes   
Sleeping in comfortable clothes is one of the biggest key to a good nights sleep. If you're not comfortable in what you're wearing (or shall we say... not wearing) then you wont fall asleep as fast!

 Yoga and meditating  
I've been doing yoga every morning (when i remember to ; - ;) for a couple months now and its really helped out my life in a lot of ways, its a really simple to make your body and mind at peace. If you're not in touch with your spiritual self then you should really try meditating. No matter what your beliefs are mediating and doing yoga to find your higher self is an amazing experience. This actually takes time to perfect I find, so try shorter amounts of time to longer amounts of time. If you're a newbie to yoga, just simply youtube "yoga for beginners" and theres tons of videos there to help you out!

 ASMR videos  
Don't know what ASMR is? Thats okay, a lot of people don't. I'll try to explain it in a way that it doesn't take too long. Basically its a tingling feeling some people get when they hear or see certain things (not sexual at all). A lot of people experience asmr when they are younger and find it again as adults. For example, I really like the sounds of people writing with pencils on paper, people typing on phones with keypads, and the turning of pages. This is also a similar method to people that listen to white noise to fall asleep. If you wanna check out some ASMR videos click here.

 Get off the computer!!!  
So many people wait until they feel sleepy to turn off their computer/ get off the internet but in all reality you should set a bedtime for yourself and stick to it. Looking at bright lights keeps you up longer.

  Make a sleepy time playlist   
Heres mine:

Rain smell- Baths 
Jesus christ- Brand new
Naked as we came- Iron and wine
Such great heights- Iron and wine
 Never change- Chase coy 
Even if the moon fell down tonight- Chase coy
I will follow you into the dark- Death cab for cutie
I'll always be around- Brighten 
Lullaby- The spill canvas 
First day of my life- Bright eyes
Lua- Bright eyes

I basically have playlists for everything, if you guys want me to post more of them let me know! 


  1. and here is soemthing that should help to get a good idea of when to go to sleep.

  2. Aw, I use the same tea c: my grandmother used to give it to me to sleep! I still buy it here in college for the sleepies or when I'm sad too c: Post more playlists yes please (^o^)! And great post c:

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  3. omg chase coy is my all time favorite sleepytime music

  4. I drink that tea but it doesn't make me sleep oh well still tastes great!

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  5. I'll definitely take on board some of this advice! Thanks Jasmineblu. ♥

    Abigail ♥

  6. I feel like you'd really enjoy circa survive's "battle my love" :) <3

  7. you should post some of your playlists!!

  8. I too can't sleep without taking a shower, I don't understand people who can tbh u__u
    Post your playlists pleeeeeease?I wanna see :3
    Sinead xo
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