Honeybunnystuff review ♡

Honeybunnystuff is SUPER cute and all of the accessories are perfect for spring and summer, the lovely owner sent me some super cute things to review, but I don't have internet right now (i'm at my boyfriends house) and i'm in the middle of moving but I wanted to tell you guys about the shop anyways. I loved everything she sent me. Everything was packaged amazingly and she sent me the cutest little buttons as extras! 

This simple white flower crown is amazing for a day at the beach! The white color would look amazing on anything pastel, and dark as well. Since its white, it will match pretty much everything. I would match this with a pastel pink dress with some pig tails.
 White flower crown  

This pink flower headband has the oh so trendy feel with all the studs all around this, you could match this up with a little black dress and heels for a night on the town, the pink will add a touch of color to your outfit.
 Stud headband  

This black collar is absolutely stunning. I fell in love when I saw this! Collars are super fashionable right now and you can match them with almost anything. I love how versatile they are! I actually posted a picture of myself wearing this on instagram. I think this would look adorable with a scoop neck anything really.
  Spiked collar   


  1. The white crown headband is gorgeous wow!

  2. Could you take a picture with the items on? I don't know how big (or how small) the flowers are, and would love a reference!