Getting ready for spring with Modcloth! ♡

A lot of you know Modcloth is my all time favorite online shop ever. It mixes my love for retro pieces with lovely pastels. So if you've never browsed around modcloth's site, you totally should!

These dresses are so cute, my favorite is the bottom left because it has some vines and strawberries on it! I was JUST about to buy it but it's sold out in my size (tear) hopefully they restock it soon! All of the other dresses are amazingly perfect as well, whites, and pastels are so cute for spring ^.^ 
Isn't that pug tote bag so cute?! That would be perfect for those of you who are in school! All the satchel bags on the top are all super trendy right now. I've seen satchels everywhere lately... but not in pastel colors so obviously these are better c; 

Those first pink flats are actually on my wishlist, and they're pretty cheap! I love the stud detailing and how its the same color as the shoe (EEEE!) Those super cute white heel/sandals are super cute, they remind me of the shoes little girls wear. I've noticed that jellys and these style type of shoes are coming back into style and its super cool! These would look amazing with that pastel purple lace dress I featured up there!^ I also love the two bottom flats because they remind of having a cute day at the beach!  

I really hope you all are liking these getting ready for spring posts, if you have any suggestions on what sites you would like me to post about just let me know! Also, if you plan on making a purchase from modcloth I have a $15 off coupon for you! ♥ Click here to get $15 off your first purchase! 

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  1. my favorite dress is the bottom left too o-O I want all the bags and the shoes are so cute<3