First impression of Aqua Marina ♡

This is going to be a first impression of lush's aquamarina. First off, I need to mention that I have a blog post on how to get lush cheaper in the us! Click here to read it . I've never used Aquamarina before, so its new to me! 

So here is the typical lush packaging. I ordered this online, but i've seen it sold in stores before. In stores, its always just out so I was surprised it came package like this, I thought it would be in one of the clear tubs that the jellies come in.

aaaaand, heres the back! I love that they mention how its ocean like and mermaidy. When I opened it up it reminded me of the ocean. A lot of people say they don't like the smell, but I do! I always gravitate towards the lush products that have to do with the beach for some reason. Can you tell I miss summer?

Heres what it actually looks like! I just take a quarter sized amount on a wet face and rub it all over. i'm not sure why some people say its hard to use.. I find it easy to use. I really love this product because its not exfoliating. Its really clean and simple. I've used this three times already. (morning/night/morning)  and its great. The only downside this has is that not much product comes in the tub (but lush does that with almost everything not just this) other than that, I haven't found any downsides. It has not broken me out or anything, it actually took away some of my acne! I had some pimples on my forehead and the  next morning they were gone! I find that using this in the morning feels really nice because it washes away all the oil that built up on your face overnight. If you have really oily /combo skin I would totes recommend this! In my lush order I ordered all new things so expect some lush reviews coming up!


  1. Aqua Marina is definitely a cleanser i want to try. I'm using Herbalism at the moment and that is working really well with my oily skin so if you haven't tried that one i'd definitely recommend it!

  2. This looks amazing! I love lush but I hadnt heard of this yet and anything inspired by mermaids must be good! :D
    Sofia x

  3. Looks gross but I bet it works wonders! I have some pimples on my head that haven't gone away in about a month so I'm tempted to buy this. You should make a Lush haul on all the products you got!

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  5. I have combination oily/dry skin so this should probably do the trick in making my skin silky smooth! ^_____^ Thank you for this post! <3
    Although I wish you'd take photos of your skin before and after of using this product! 3:

  6. This sounds really good - all Lush products look gross, but it's usually the grossest looking ones which do the best work! xo

  7. Ah this sounds perfect for my skin! I think as long as I can get past the look of the product I could use it.

  8. ohh my to be honest if not that I have seen the LUSH container I would think that this is liver patè - in a good way. LUSH always has quirky and amazing stuff - love the try this one out too!
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