What to get your boyfriend for Valentines day ♡

Boys deserve presents too! Spoil your cutie pie with some adorbs stuff this year! I would totally share what i'm buying MY boyfriend this year but I think he reads my blog so I can't! But.. I will blog about what we do for valentines day. I hope you guys get some ideas from me 

♥ LoZ card ♥ 

♥  LoZ keyholder ♥ 

♥  Funny horse head mask ♥ 

♥  R2D2 Iphone case ♥ 

♥  Retro deck of cards ♥ 

Waterproof notepad ♥ 

♥  Tangle free earbuds ♥ 

Fight club soap ♥ 

♥  Batman cufflinks ♥ 

♥  3 in 1 kitchen ♥ 

Try and remember, although material items can be super fun and cool that Valentines day is about all the people that you love all around you! Not just your boyfriend/girlfriend so make sure to make everyone feel really loved that day. Also be sure to give things that come from the heart! A hand written letter or something you took the time to make yourself will mean the world to someone who cares about you.

Oh.. and for those of you going solo this year...

♥  The boyfriend pillow ♥ 


  1. I'm in love with the LoZ cards! Might buy them for myself instead of my boyfriend... ;)


  2. These ideas are the cutest. I'm definitely going to buy the Fight Club soap c:


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