Valentines day date ideas ♡

Hi there guys and gals! Ton's of people have been asking me to do a cute date ideas post and i'm finally getting around to it since Valentines day is coming up. Just to make things clear, just because you're a girl doesn't mean you can't plan something out with that special someone!I'll also include some things to do with friends, or even alone if you don't have a date.

                                                                                                                 ♥ CUTE IDEAS 

If you and your special someone aren't dating yet you might now want to spend a lot of money on something that might not last. Buying a box of chocolates (cheesy but still TOTES ADORBS) is a good idea. You can dish out all of the typical v-day presents! Theres no shame in just going out to dinner and a movie. It gives you time to get to know the other person on a more romantic level. If you're the one planning the date you could go on to find out the best restaurants in your town, I would suggest making reservations if you're actually going out on February 14th. Going out to a movie (That you both agree on. Don't be that person who picks a movie that only you wanna see!) and if everything is going well, you can go out to get desert after! If its not, you can always go home and call it a night. 

If you've known the person you're going on your first date with for a while then you already know them pretty well! You know what they like, and what they don't like. If you live in sunny California like I do then you might live by some beaches. If you do, then something really adventurous, and fun would be to rent out some bikes and ride bikes together by the beach and get some lunch after! 

Drive in's are totally cute and retro. If you and your date can drive and you have a drive in, in your town you could get some take out from your favorite places, cuddle up, and watch a movie!

If where you live its snowing, you can go out and buy a green blanket and have a picnic in your living room and watch a movie! The green blanket could be fake grass. You can also add some fun to it by buying some boardgames. Playing boardgames is actually fun okay?!

If you and your special someone are foodies buy as much fast food as you can and mix them! You can create new concoctions only you two know.

Go to an arcade.

Buy a bunch of ice cream and toppings and make each other huge ice cream sundays!

Go to a $1 store and buy each other $10 worth of things that reminds each other of the other person!

Make a blanket fort!

Bowling is always fun.

Get massages at a spa together.

Spend the afternoon making sand castles.

Hit the mall and dress each other up in outfits the other person picks out.

If you've been dating for a while, make a time capsule together to be opened in a couple of years!

Agree to make mixed cd's for each other. Trade, and listen together!

♥ Karaoke!!!

Spend the whole day speaking in an accent. Create your own language and see how people react to it!

Go on a nature hike together.

Watch movies without the sound on and create your own plot!

Write yours, and your lovers name on a lock and lock it onto a place where you both pass daily, and throw away the key!

Make a whole dinner and eat everything with your hands.

Play hide and seek in a mall.

Make homemade pizza together.

Single? Go to the mall and have a shopping spree!

Have a typical girls only sleepover with your best friends.

Get out your best clothes and makeup and go out to dinner with your besties.

I hope I gave you guys some ideas on what to do, or to add to your date! I hope you guys have fun, and stay safe! 


  1. This post is perfect! Thanks April x

  2. I love these ideas.. so cute! It is -30 C where I live... VERY COLD. I live in a small city where there's not much to do and everything is expensive. My boyfriend is really antisocial, he hates sweets and baked goods, public places, movies (gets bored), boardgames, and bowling! I love all of these things, haha. I think a blanket fort and lots of food is a good idea :) Also mixed CDs... he loves music! The dollar store option is so sweet too, maybe we'll do that next time I drag him out during summer :P Thanks April! <3

  3. Last year I threw a Valentine's tea party for all my girlfriends! It was so cute, we had heart shaped EVERYTHING & then watched horror films after haha. I might do a blog post in fact! These ideas are super perfect though <3333